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Life Foundation IMG_20161208_151500-660x330 Under the auspices of the European Union .. A branch of Life Foundation in Al Sharkia, trains campaign volunteers Our Girls Are Not For Sale

Under the auspices of the European Union .. A branch of Life Foundation in Al Sharkia, trains campaign volunteers Our Girls Are Not For Sale

Life Foundation held, in cooperation with Start Initiative for Training, under the auspices of the European Union, a training workshop for girl volunteers for the campaign (Our Girls Are Not For Sale) in Al Sharkia Governorate. The volunteers were trained by Ms. Taghreed Saber, cassatin lawyer, women’s affairs consultant and presented the women’s role in the society as well as the dangers of early and tourism marriage and the legal framework to shun tourism marriage

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Majeed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Youth Association in Zagazig and a certified trainer, provided a practical training presentation on the conditions of volunteering and how to deal with field research and home visits to monitor and document the family phenomena

The attendees discussed that the marriage of minors was subject to the Penal Code as a forgery in an official editor, and the penalty imposed on the authorized author is the aggravated imprisonment for the falsification of the marriage contract for minors

The Family Law and the New Personal Status set the age of marriage for females at 18 years after the age of 16, and that the contract of marriage without legal age is contrary to the law, although this marriage is legitimate because it is based on acceptance and satisfaction between the parties and the completeness of femininity of the girl and manhood to the young man. That the marriage of a minor is a felony of forgery in official edicts in which the authorized person has the right to change the truth by fraud. The author of the marriage (authoritative) is a member of the public court and is subordinate to the court of first instance within its authorized jurisdiction. The partner in this crime is to provide the authorized documents required, and thus the parent is considered a partner in agreement and assistance in forgery for his knowledge of the information and forged documents that he provided. As for the legal status of minor wives, their marriage is legally and continuously valid. The fact that the law defines marriage at the age of 18 does not mean that the marriage is legally violated, despite its legal violation of forgery, which is punishable by both the authorized and the guardian in accordance with the Penal Code. The law criminalized the “marriage of a minor”, and yet the minors who became wives, their marriage is valid and it is in the interest of the marriage to continue this marriage, but the author is punished. At the same time, Abu Zeid refuses to exaggerate the penalty of marrying minors “because there is no suspicion of violating Islamic law until the raising of the marriage age from 16 to 18 years was contested by some of the scholars and jurisprudents, and perhaps that was why the legislator did not aggravate the punishment. If a marriage of less than 18 years is strictly prohibited by increasing the penalty and holding the parties responsible – as the guardian – this will open the back door of the customary marriage to circumvent the law, there are numerous and frequent cases where customary marriage is resorted to with the knowledge of the guardian and the availability of all elements of marriage. The wife has legal age and then undergoes a “ratifying” process which takes place on a previous marriage. Showed that the proportion of marriage of minors in these centers was 74%, while the proportion of marriage customary in the province 29%. The study pointed out that the main reason for customary marriage is to escape the legal age of marriage, as well as evading the material cost of documentation. The use of religion in the analysis of crime Those who oppose this law are based on the fact that Islam did not specify a specific age for marriage, and responded that the origin in Islam are the purposes and not words, and in the interview of the Prophet peace be upon him, The corollary here is physical ability and material ability. That there is no legal dilemma in the Egyptian law in directing any accusation of a minor marriage, and that the Egyptian Public Prosecution is based on the indictment of the Egyptian Child Act, which approved last year, which is the marriage of minors in Egypt sexual exploitation is punishable by law


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