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Life Foundation Team-Connection-1024x678-1-660x330 Volunteers Directory Guide 2017-2018

Volunteers Directory Guide 2017-2018

Life Foundation index-1 Volunteers Directory Guide 2017-2018


A non-governmental organization established in June 2015, the foundation consists of a number of units, all working in the rehabilitation and community integration of the most affected groups (released young graduates, women with children and vulnerable children)

In its work, the Foundation seeks to achieve the objectives set forth in its Regulations. Life extends its hand to help the target groups of women and young graduates. It aims to spread the idea of ​​volunteering and deepen the public’s work in the public. The Foundation includes a distinguished team of trainers, lawyers and psychiatrists. Life provides its services to the residents of Sharkia, , Kaliobia, and Alexandria .. The Foundation has two branches in the provinces of East and Alexandria.

Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration

: Rehabilitation and integration unit, including social and psychological support program.

Legal and Criminal Justice Unit

These include the Employment Program and the Micro enterprise Program

Culture and Art Unit “

The Foundation has a number of training programs for lawyers, psychologists, social and volunteer work skills, communication skills among the task forces, establishment and structuring of civil institutions and human development training.

There is also a transfer program

(Hospitals – NGOs – addiction treatment – AIDS – factories – donors)

II / context and background

The need for the establishment of this organization is based on increasing the number of volunteers joining the institution and creating a disciplined system for volunteer work, guided by the law of the establishment of civil societies. Law 84 of 2002 Article 4 / D, where the rules of volunteerism may be established to work in the activities and conditions of the association and the rights and obligations of volunteers And the variation in the concept of volunteering from one society to another may be organized within the framework of the law applied by other associations, trade unions and charities where the individual is not paid for his work and is forced to work or take responsibility unless he The voluntary work may be voluntary, but it does not have an approved law, but individuals voluntarily contribute themselves to public services. These are often in legal problems or may interfere with and interfere with the competencies of state institutions that are mainly aimed at serving the community. The institution had to issue such a manual to organize voluntary work.

The objectives of the guide

This guide aims to:

  1. Provide the National Foundation with a detailed reference explanation on voluntary policies and foundations and mechanisms of volunteer work.

2 – Identify and clarify volunteer policies that will regulate the relationship between the institution and volunteers

  1. Organizing the rights and duties of volunteers under a specific institutional system
  2. Encouraging individuals to volunteer within specific and clear systems and full explanation of objectives

5 – Preserving competent volunteers and training them to assume the responsibilities of institutional work to serve the community and specialization.

Target group of directory (user directory)

The following table shows the categories used for this guide

Purpose of use Target group

To recognize the importance of volunteering in the civil institution and to know the nature and importance of their role. Chairman and Board of Directors

Know their rights and duties. Volunteers in the NGO

A reference guide for the implementation of volunteering policies in the management of volunteer teams, human resources management and executives

Targeted purpose of use

Glossary of terms


NGO Foundation

It contains the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer and the Secretary General of the Board of Trustees

The law of the Arab Republic of Egypt currently in force labor law

Providing assistance or benefit to a person or a group of persons who need it without charge of material or moral volunteer work

Is a person who has the skill or experience to perform social duty or assistance to persons or groups and does not have any financial or functional return as a result of the work required .. The Foundation can determine the rewards of volunteers according to the policy of volunteerism. The volunteer

Volunteer policies are institutionalized and structured to work between volunteers and the institution through attachment forms (Volunteer Form – Volunteer Contract – Privacy Information Form). Directory of volunteers

Voluntary policies

First: Registration Policies

The Volunteer Center relies mainly on the management of the volunteer program on a written and electronic database and attendance books. It encourages all those wishing to volunteer to register directly through the volunteer forms through its branches or through the form on its website. Some volunteers or some of them do not know how to deal with the Internet. The Foundation will provide forms for the Volunteer Register, Foundation and Opportunity in paper form for those interested.

Transportation policies

The organization provides volunteers with transportation in the event of volunteering in voluntary opportunities following the institution, which requires moving from one place to another if this is not possible for the volunteers themselves or if the distances are far away.

Safety policies in the workplace

Volunteering believes that health and safety in the workplace is one of the most important factors that ensure a safe and encouraging environment for work.

The Foundation is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for officials, visitors and volunteers. All volunteer and volunteer officials are encouraged to work to prevent any incidents or threats to safety and security in the workplace as a collective and individual responsibility.

The Foundation ensures that all volunteer opportunities available to volunteers are opportunities that pose no threat to their health or safety at all.

Conflict of interest policy / ethical standards policy

Conflict of interest / ethical standards A policy that applies to all persons who work, whether paid or unpaid, in volunteering, whether they are officials or volunteers. In the course of their participation with the institution’s officials, they must adhere to the following ethical standards:

If the volunteer has a contract, agreement or deal with a third party, or if the organization is considering entering into any contract, agreement or deal with any third party, and a volunteer has a relationship with that party, such employee or volunteer must disclose their relationship to the organization Which in turn will forward this information to the Board of Directors of the Corporation to see whether the agreement will be made or not.

All volunteers must maintain professional and ethical standards of conduct. Employees and volunteers must therefore not engage in personal relationships of any kind with the clients of the institution, or with any person who receives or receives the services of the institution.

Non-discrimination policy

Is a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for volunteers, board members and partners without distinction of age, color, race, sex, religion, origin, or physical or mental disability.

The Foundation affirms that this non-discrimination policy also applies to all applicants for a voluntary opportunity or employment opportunity, voluntary services, or the selection of the Board or program services. The Foundation is committed to the full involvement and inclusion of members of minorities, women and individuals with special needs.

Intellectual property policy

The Foundation believes in intellectual property rights and values ​​intellectual giving. Therefore, it adopts the policy that the institution is considered the author of all collective intellectual works (such as studies, research, reports, etc.) involving employees or volunteers working under the supervision of the institution. It also prohibits the volunteer to obtain any copy of the work and programs (scientific research and computer programs) Except with the prior written consent of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Assets Policy

The volunteer headquarters are suitable and suitable for the institution and the volunteers who work within it, and in all who deal with the institution and the institution. In this context, the Foundation strictly prohibits the use of the assets, property or facilities of the Foundation for any unlawful or immoral purpose. Any employee or volunteer who informs any unregistered origin or any related prohibited conduct must immediately inform the supervisor.

Finance and Accounts / Purchase Policy

Volunteering gives utmost importance to finances, accounts and purchases. Accordingly, the institution adopts a transparent financial and accounting policy in all aspects of accounting registration, book registration and procurement. Therefore, it is prohibited for all volunteers to enter any wrong data in the books of the organization for any reason. No volunteer is allowed to perform any work that results in such a result. Disobedience.

It is also prohibited for volunteers to interfere in any purchases without being part of the per-determined procurement team by the CEO.

Monitoring and Evaluation Policies

The Foundation will periodically monitor all activities of the Foundation from volunteers, volunteer opportunities and partner organizations through the monthly reports produced by the Center’s electronic system as well as follow-up reports from the Director of the Foundation and the officials of the activity.

The policy of calculating volunteer hours

The Foundation works to establish a culture of appreciation for volunteering. In this context, the Foundation will work to calculate volunteer contributions so that decision makers and the community can learn how volunteering has contributed to development.

The importance of volunteering

– Participation in social and economic development

– Contributing to crises and disasters affecting society

– To promote noble and human values ​​and to participate in the unification of the social fabric and to confront abusive phenomena.

– Protecting the youth and the different categories of social and psychological disadvantages that they are exposed to because volunteering is a behavior that develops the spirit of will and public work and giving.

– Development of citizenship and social integration

– Reduction of crime

– Improving business requirements and meeting the level of services offered to citizens.

Legal reference of the manual

# Evidence is based on the laws of the institution and is subject to its internal laws

# This guide is considered an enforceable method and has been adopted by the board of trustees of the institution and all the targets of the guide must comply with what is stated therein

# The manual is reviewed every year and updated in the event that the Board of Trustees requested it and whenever necessary

# The guide should be shared and distributed to all volunteers in order to familiarize them with their rights and duties according to what is contained therein

Duties of the Volunteer

1- The volunteer should be well-behaved through dealing with the clients of the society and its employees. He should also pay attention to the external appearance in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion and the public morals of the society.

  1. The volunteer should be fully prepared to take responsibility, carry out the tasks entrusted to him to the fullest, perseverance in the performance in a spirit of high during the volunteering period agreed upon and abide by the confidentiality of the information he receives through the written commitment specified in the volunteering period and beyond.

To be self-confident and have a spirit of cooperation with colleagues within and outside the organization.

  1. The aim of volunteering is not to allow the volunteer to achieve personal goals that harm the interests of the organization and its employees, employees, volunteers or others.
  2. The volunteer shall maintain the property of the Corporation and shall ensure the optimum use of the resources granted to him by the Corporation in order to achieve the objectives at the lowest possible cost.

6 – To pledge to preserve all the assets of the institution and its secrets and the information it looks forward to and dealing with it honestly

Training volunteers

The Volunteer Center pays special attention to the guidance and training of volunteers. This is done at the institution, whether inside or outside the institution. The volunteer form is the first means of training the volunteer to merge with other volunteers who work with him at the same opportunity, as well as where he will work and with the people who will deal with them throughout the opportunity. One of the most important tips that must be taken into account when receiving the volunteer is the psychological aspects of the volunteer and his good impression of the institution, which is basically drawn by the period of his reception at the institution.

Steps to End Volunteering

Volunteers are terminated in the following cases:

1 – the completion of the project or the work of the institution of volunteerism.

2 – dispensing of volunteer services in the event of a violation or a breach of the institutional system and evidence.

3 – disability or illness or inability to implement the appointment of the volunteer due to a compulsive circumstance.

The volunteer is given a certificate proving the period of volunteering in the event of an application to terminate volunteering, good conduct and evaluation during the volunteering period without any irregularities.

Adopts the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Volunteer application

Name of volunteer /

Card Number / Qualification /

Profession / Main Workplace /

Nationality / Date of Birth /

Address /

E-mail /

Mobile /

Unit wishing to volunteer

Culture and art

Economic Empowerment

Criminal justice

Rehabilitation and integration

Reasons for volunteering:

What can it do to help achieve the Foundation’s objectives?

Maintain confidentiality of work

I promise I :

the resident :

To keep my work strictly confidential, throughout my tenure with Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, and after finishing their work. In relation to all information related to (………………) and processes related to clients and cases of the Foundation, which I have not received or may reach my knowledge and knowledge of my work with the Foundation. I declare that any breach committed by me and the obligation to maintain the absolute confidentiality of the business, clients, relations, contacts or situations of the Corporation shall offer me immediate dismissal of my business and shall bear legal liability if otherwise.


Signature :

Function :

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