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Life Foundation DSC_01940-660x330 group therapy (Treatment without a medicine)

group therapy (Treatment without a medicine)

Recent studies collected from brain images, branched biology and the science of neurological heredity that the psychological treatment affects in the change of flow of blood in different areas in the brain, neuron-transmitters, genetic expressions, and makes conducts stable changes in the flexibility of neuron-transmitters.

From here, Waleed Al Domaty – group therapy specialist in the foundation- has pointed out that group therapy, with its many tools, methods and teachings, is always given as a treatment that is without a medicine, which is often applied on the cases that frequent the foundation and have similar psychological disorders, which has the following objectives:

  1. Encourage the patient to speak in first person and not third person form
  2. Place the patient in a dependable position, where he is responsible for his actions and involved in what he does or says, as long as he is participating in that way, he would see himself as a responsible human being, who is active in what he is doing.

Through the context of group therapy, it can be presented in as a strong and unique healing experience for the attendants under the supervision of the physician.

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