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Life Foundation DSC_0004-4-600x330 Specialized Adaptive Skills Program (Defense Triangle) - Second Workshop

Specialized Adaptive Skills Program (Defense Triangle) – Second Workshop

In “Life Foundation” seat, the psychologist “Waleed El-Damaty” has presented a workshop which was the second of special adaptabtive skill program “SASP” about knowing a human defence triangle (Defensive plans/ Assumptions) and its purpose to help Clients/Cases to change the negative defensive plans like failure and unworthiness to positive defensive plans like Liberty and independence.

This workshop consisted of 9 of released persons. In the beginning, the psychologist explained what is defence triangle definition and its three levels which are continually: plans then Assumption then Auto-thoughts. There is a close connection between these three levels. For example, A man thinks that he is an unable one (plan) And if he couldn’t find anyone help him, he can’t stay alive and he can’t help himself (Assumption), he can’t do a good thing and if he made a mistake, things will be worse (Auto-thoughts).

The cases (Participants) have expressed their Plans, Assumption and auto-thoughts which have represented their behaviours and their dealing with others.

One of cases has felt that she wasn’t loved “plan” and she thought that if she behave well people will love her “Assumption” but if they know her before they will see her as a failing and unlucky one (auto-thoughts) and that affect relationships with herself and others.

The most important result of the workshop is:

Informing cases about their defence triangle and its responsibility for their behaviours and relationships with themselves and others, its responsibility for reactivate positive thoughts and control thoughts.

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