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Life Executes(Small projects owners move forward)

Within the framework of a project towards the rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners, focusing on women prisoners funded by the Drosos Foundation and the role of a Life development foundation in the context of economic empowerment.

In this regard, Life has carried out its first training (Small business owners are moving forward ) to rehabilitate their cases for the success of their projects.

The training was held in:

Center for Cultural Development and technology in Zagazig

From 25 March to 27 March 2018

Trainers :

Shayma Abd Allah Hasan

Khulud Muhammad Abdullah… Internationally accredited

The training was carried out by specialists of the Life Foundation :

Atef Hafez     Foundation Training Adviser

Hala Fouad    social specialist in the Foundation

The first day included:

Acquaintance through the game of names – through a sequential drawing race
Promotion of equality between men and women
How to set special goals and project objectives

Day 2:

The importance of the elements surrounding women affecting the project
Criteria that evaluates and chooses project ideas

Day 3:

Training was concluded with

Production cycle exercise: for productive and service projects
Skambar model and the impact of its use on women’s projects
Operational plan of Action

For the training schedule annex click here

To view more pictures click here

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