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مؤسسة حياه للتنمية والدمج المجتمعي 16144107_1086373628140210_2092191418_n Malak get Physiotherapist Session

Malak get Physiotherapist Session

Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration has received a complaint from (Malak’s) family and her mother to present their issue, which is that the father is a simple worker in a factory, the spouse is a housewife and they have 2 children and their house has no ceiling and they suffer from the shortage of income, as well as their daughter aged (4 years old) is unable to walk and in the doctors’ opinion, she needs to receive physiotherapy but the family is unable to provide the sessions of physiotherapy for the child

The services provided are as follows

Monthly aid provided for the family

A contributor is available to provide the sessions of physiotherapy to the child (Malak) for three months in ( Andals Center )

مؤسسة حياه للتنمية والدمج المجتمعي 16144506_1086373591473547_770383196_n-288x330-262x300 Malak get Physiotherapist Session

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