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Life Foundation DSC_0043-2-600x330-600x330 Life Skills Workshop (drawing on Glass)

Life Skills Workshop (drawing on Glass)

It is the art of drawing on Glass that offers unlimited potential of creativity and innovation, mastered by women with distinction, and the fact that they can become your hobby and your source of livelihood, being uncomplicated and only needs some skill and agility, why don’t you use the vacation period to learn it? As you know, the world of decoration has attracted many people, and everyone seeks to acquire special home decorations, decorate the houses, give a special touch to the corners of the house, and no matter how numerous the ores of these decorations, for those made of transparent, shiny glass, remain an excellent feature, so what do you think if they are painted with feminine channels Thin?!

For that, Rasha al-Sahili, an art therapy specialist, made an art therapy workshop for the ladies, drawing some paintings on the glass, which had a great impact on their souls and moods.

Which was one of its main objectives:

Developing mental capacities such as positive imagination, focus, attention and awareness.
Self-assertion, develop self-confidence and develop a sense of success by making work from start to finish.
Acquire some practical skills and simple technical expertise that enables the client to take advantage of them in social and professional life.
Develop creative thinking and aesthetic tasting.
Develop a spirit of positive cooperation and division of roles through useful collective action.

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