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Life Foundation DSC_0028-600x330 Life skills workshop (Coloured Assumptions)

Life skills workshop (Coloured Assumptions)

In these difficult times we experience, we see rapid development everywhere around us. Some of these changes are for the better, prompting us to change or modify the way we think or the way we live. But other changes can cause us to feel unstable, confused and fail. However with the art therapy program we offer, it allows us to live with a sense of stability amid change.

After conducting sessions of venting and expressing feelings through free drawing as well as trying to get rid of the pressures, we then had to move to the next stage which is to know our mental perceptions, where Stephen Coffee said: “Our perceptions are considered, whether right or wrong, the sources from which we derive our attitudes, behaviours and finally our relations with others “.

In this context, Rasha Al Saheely conducted an art therapy workshop consisting of two parts:

The first part consisted of a few relaxing exercises to achieve a degree of calmness and resurgence.

The second part was to ask some questions to the participants and asking them to share situations from their daily lives along with drawing a guide which presents what each individual perceives and envisions towards a fixed form so that each individual takes a paper with unclear drawings, then uses thoughts, imagination and coloursto convert it to an artistic theme.

The workshop dealt with several questions:

  • Have you ever experienced a situation in which you assume something, only to find out that you jumped into conclusions very quickly? What was your assumption?
  • Have you ever travelled to different countries or to a different region in your country? What was the strange part to you? Were the actions of people as you have expected?
  • Think about the different paths you can walk on your way home or work; are there more complicated paths than others?
  • Think about how you deal with others; are there multiple ways to communicate with them? What new ways would you try?

The workshop achieved the following:

  • Good interaction by participating cases.
  • The use of imagination in employing the form before them in several different suggestions.
  • Accept each other’s differences as well as view previous experiences, examine them, and change them if necessary.
  • Listen to others and open up to their concepts.


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