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Life assists a case

           Mrs. (A.H) 43 years old, married with  3 children, working on a daily wage basis in one of the shops in the village she resides in, came with the complaint regarding lack of income, the absence of a breadwinner and not having a decent humane residence which was caused in concurrence with her husband’s imprisonment because of a case of attempted murder and a  sentence of 11 years, she was also thrown out of her previous residence since she couldn’t pay the monthly rent of 500 Egyptian Pounds, so she currently resides in her brother’s house where she couldn’t find room inside the house so she and her 3 children sleep on the ground under the wood-planked stairwell.

          Within the framework of the social support program and in-kind assistance provided by Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration to their cases:

A number of supplies have been provided to help them live a humane life, as well as some in-kind assistance have been provided to her children, such as providing school clothes, books and tuition expenses.

Life Foundation continues to support her.

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