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Life Foundation 16730852_1384582084925200_2045721241_n-660x330 Enfrad covers “Life’s” visit to Morocco

Enfrad covers “Life’s” visit to Morocco

“Life” Foundation for Development and Community Integration has concluded it’s activities of it’s training course which was located in Marrakech city, Morocco in the period of time between 1st until 5th February 2017. This course aimed to look into the Moroccan experience of the framework “Towards rehabilitation and community integration for prisoners back into society with the concentration on female prisoners” sponsored by Drosos Foundation

Nermeen Al Bahtyty, the foundation’s executive manger, has stated that the training course included monitoring the Moroccan experience in the field of rehabilitation and reintegration with the cooperation of “ADALA” Association in Rebaat as well as the general delegate of the prisons in Morocco, where “Life’s” team has visited Al Wadiya prison in Marrakech and that’s the prison that was founded on the rehabilitation program. It was designed and supervised by Mohammed the VI Foundation, for the Moroccan prisons. Moreover, the training program also included monitoring “Life’s” experience and the skills exchanged with Mohammed the VI Foundation’s team as well as the general delegate for prisons. The continence of the international success for Life Foundation lies in the collaboration with ADALA Association and an invitation from Kabeera Al Leefi, President of the vocational empowerment and integration projects in the Moroccan Kingdom. As well as the consultant for King Mohammed the VI and the vice president of Mohammed the VI Foundation. A group from the foundation remained after the training course ended to visit Mother’s House ( Daar Al Omahat) in Al Daar Al Baydaa, which is a hospitality center for post-release women (women who are recently released from prison) and their children, as well as vocational empowerment centers for prisoners and after-care centers that belongs for Mohammed the VI Foundation and collaborated with the general delegate for prisons

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