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Start-Life Project

Art Thrapy(Stigmatized drawing)

Life Foundation _١٣٤٨٢٣-310x165 Art Thrapy(Stigmatized drawing)

Based on the activities of the foundation regarding stigma within its services for psychological rehabilitation of prisoners through a number of activities in the framework of implementing the project “Towards the rehabilitation and social reintegration of prisoners to society with a focus on female prisoners.” Rasha Al Saheely, an art …

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group therapy (Treatment without a medicine)

Life Foundation DSC_01940-310x165 group therapy (Treatment without a medicine)

Recent studies collected from brain images, branched biology and the science of neurological heredity that the psychological treatment affects in the change of flow of blood in different areas in the brain, neuron-transmitters, genetic expressions, and makes conducts stable changes in the flexibility of neuron-transmitters. From here, Waleed Al Domaty …

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Group Therapy: Levels and devices

Life Foundation DSC_0194-310x165 Group Therapy: Levels and devices

The foundation of the rehabilitation and reintegration program that is held by Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, is based on the latest rehabilitation program that includes different programs, such as group therapy. Where, Waleed Abdul Menaim Al Damaty, a group therapy psychotherapist in the foundation, has targeted a …

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The journey to rehabilitation… begins with building trust and a talent show

Life Foundation 17101249_230688580728698_1412546480_o-copy-310x165 The journey to rehabilitation… begins with building trust and a talent show

Beginning anything is always hard, yet the ending is comforting and profiting but that is in the case you fight the challenges and struggles with determination and strength, as well as have patience when things are changing and fight despair. Confident people know what they need, they have the strong …

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