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Life Foundation 15175422_174182486379308_1025047474_n-570x330 Art Therapy Workshop Report

Art Therapy Workshop Report

Ms. Rasha Al Saheely, a specialist in Art Therapy in the Life Foundation for development and community integration, has applied an Art Therapy Workshop through cutting and pasting (Origami) alongside with embodying some feelings and expressing them through different group games.

Workshop goals

  • Training to express positive feelings and the pent-up negative feelings.
  • To develop and deepen the sense of self and repressed abilities through the successful completion of specific tasks within the group.
  • Re-experiencing the traumatic events and emitting a delight in different health situations.
  • Spread the spirit of team work.

Techniques and Strategies

  • Unloading emotional catharsis
  • Team work
  • Workshop result
  • The participants expressed fondness for the workshop and showed initiative and willingness to participate again. They also offered suggestions for other models and a variety of activities to be done within the workshop. This indicates a feeling of security and tranquility in contrast to the mood of the group at the beginning of the workshop.
  • They expressed underlying feelings and the beliefs behind it through discussion.
  • Highlighting the role of team work.
  • The workshop had an effective therapeutic recreation.
  • Participants now have the sense of self-development.

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