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A Woman Equal a hundred men

“Woman are a Life” Under this slogan, the “Start Rehabilitation and Training Initiative” was launched in January 2013, which it’s main objective was to enable marginalized and released women from prisons in the community to become a foundation under the number 3312 for the year 2015 as “Life Foundation for Development and Community Reintegration” You see that the woman is the maker of the world, she can change a whole generation if she wants to, but some people deny her rights in a way that turns her into a normal being like any other creature.

Women are valued beings that no one can detract from. The so-called World Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8, every year. The world celebrates the great achievements that women have made at the political level, Economic and social development.

This occasion cannot go unnoticed without mentioning the women of his life:

“I’m forced to go on while I’m not happy, at the moment I decided that I want  to live my life”

When she asked about her life inside the prison, she did not give in to the miserable life of the prison, but decided to live her life in a way that suits her as if she was outside the prison. Although she tried to be positive and important in society, To help her, she sees “life” as her first home.

“The sense of freedom was enough to change my countenance, all of those who knew me saw and sense the difference, the difference between the eye brightness now and the broken eyes before”

A sentence with a thousand meaning said by one of the cases, after she took her first step towards rehabilitation and integration, her life turned from being suicidal and feeling guilty to a woman capable to change.

“The two most important Things in my life”

a mother, her ex-husband and two of her children in prison behind the bars, the most important characteristic of her is her smile and her turn to life. She is woman equal a hundred men, a mother, a father and a bond to her children.

From here comes our role as a unit of rehabilitation and integration of the institution of life for development and social integration to take on the responsibility of changing their lives for the better and to emphasize that the true happiness lies in their acceptance and love for themselves.

And we have hope after they left the experience of exhaustion and sense of freedom and this in terms of # Start_life.


    Prepared by:

Life Foundation’s Psychological team

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