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مؤسسة حياه للتنمية والدمج المجتمعي VID_20180323_104703.3gp_snapshot_05.42_2018.04.12_11.07.14-660x330 Workshop " How to manufacture detergents "

Workshop ” How to manufacture detergents “

Within the framework of a project towards the rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners, focusing on women prisoners funded by the Drosos Foundation and the role of a life-development foundation in enabling their economic situation through training in cohabitation.

In this regard, Life Foundation made a workshop on “How to manufacture detergents”, in coordination with Ahmed Hamouda, director of a laboratories equipped in  Zagazig, which manufactures detergents.

Three economically targeted cases were attended

From March 23 to May 11, 2018 by a weekly workshop

The workshop was attended by the Foundation Specialists:

Hala Fouad is a social specialist  in the foundation
Waleed Damaty is  psychologist

The targeted cases trained on how to manufacture the liquid soap “Braille” in all its forms, Clorox, chlorine, and Clothes Freshener  “Downey”.

The results of the training are:

The cases took the quantities they manufactured as a gift, and they suggested that they distribute it to relatives and neighbors as propaganda and marketing.


مؤسسة حياه للتنمية والدمج المجتمعي VID_20180323_104703.3gp_snapshot_16.46_2018.04.12_11.07.47-180x300 Workshop " How to manufacture detergents "

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