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Life Foundation 481149_966250980107400_5691926090404912300_n-copy-660x330 life Branch opens a clothes workshop

life Branch opens a clothes workshop

Life  Foundation for Development and community integration opened the ready-made clothes operator in the Mandara-Alexandria area, which was created with the aim of training in cohabitation and to equip women and girls with sewing skills and ensure that they are employed, and with the return on production for all activities of the various institutions, through Cotton dressing and sewing line.

The plan for the first period of training and qualification during this month–November–included the following sewing skills courses:

Draw a Beelron.
The servile.
Work of the Arawi.

The plan for the development of the sewing operator requires the expansion of its work, increased production and diversification of its products, and the training and qualification of more girls and their recruitment to achieve the overall goal of sustainable development by providing the jobs we have provided to girls and women.

During the month of December, it was planned that the products of the enterprise operator would be divided into two parts:

Furniture section: It is responsible for the implementation of the following items:
Normal Malia.
Malia Corniche.
Printed verses.
As a child’s abundance.
Towels of all sizes are masters and embroidered.
A big quilt and a baby quilt.
Clothing section: It is responsible for the implementation of the following items:
It’s a sweater.
A rumble.
Sleeping shirts.
My children’s and my daughters ‘ clothes.
Like a school.
A Life Foundation works in cooperation with the Women’s Development Association of Alexandria, which has a consultative position at the United Nations in accordance with the Protocol on cooperation signed between them empower women and girls at risk, marginalized and released to have tools to help them start a new and productive life.

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