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The legal unit faces the phenomenon of medical negligence

The series of neglect and medical error is a continuous display For the first time,. Egypt has exceeded the global rates, the cases detected by media are crowding the hallways of courts, police stations and the Medical Syndicate. Unfortunately most of the cases of negligence are revealed by the families of the victims and the disaster are that the fatal mistakes of many doctors have mostly killed the patients, yet the minor mistakes were rare. There is no difference in that between hospitals, government centers and clinics as well as other private and investment institutions.

The medical error is generally known as a medical procedure or a medical service in a manner that is contrary to what is customary in the professional scientific medical community, resulting in physical, financial or psychological damage, whichever kind of damage it has many reasons which is headed by the negligence of the service provider, which is the doctor or the nursing crew. This shortage may be the result of the lack of knowledge or experience, this is what the experts estimate. The one responsible for this shortage is the government because of its dereliction in the training of doctors and the failure of granting accreditation and licensing to hospitals, institutes, medical scientific institutions or service providers. They must thoroughly check before granting licenses to universities and private scientific institutes as well as review the curriculum, laboratories, teaching methods and the practical work as well as the methods of admission and selection of students, and finally, medical institutions should not be allowed to work unless certain conditions are met for teachers, along with buildings and equipment.

In the suspicion of negligence or medical error, three parties are referred; the Public Prosecution, the Department of Free Therapy in the Ministry of Health and the Commission of Investigation the Ethics in the Medical Syndicate. As for the Committee, the penalty ranges from blaming, warning, financial fines and temporary or permanent suspension from the medical practice. The steps of investigating with the doctor begins with submitting a complaint to the doctor concerned in order to receive a respond to it in writing or to be summoned before the investigation committee. It consist of 4 members, 2 of whom are members of the Medical Syndicate Council and 2 advisors to hear the statements of the patient and the doctor. And in the case the patient died, they then resort to forensic medicine at the request of his family, as for the criminal penalties, which most citizens and specialists do not match the results of medical error may reach the death or disability are seen as inadequate, what is the meaning of imprisonment for several months for a patient who lost his life. While doctors see it also unfair that the doctor may be the only one blamed for other parties’ that who may be liable for it, the error may be from the nursing or any supporting profession.

Main reasons for medical error:

  • There are no restrictive laws for medical personnel in case they make medical errors and endanger the patient’s life or even cause their death.
  • Practice the profession before determining the adequacy of the training period necessary to obtain the experience.
  • The inability to diagnose properly, leading to failure of diagnosis and thus exacerbate the problem.
  • Lack of interest in solving bad results of wrong treatment when learning their mistake.

Therefore, Life Foundation received the case (F – SH) affected by medical negligence towards her son (Fares) when admitted to Al Gamaa Hospital for the presence of blue water in his eyes, this process (removal of blue water) was in the left eye, which initially seemed successful, but there was bleeding in the eye, if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and surgical intervention to stop the bleeding then to was follow-up with the case and to conduct a procedure in the right eye which was failing, the doctor decided to install a valve for the eye, which led to inflammation of the right eye, which then led to the occurrence of eye dizziness and eventually losing sight in that eye. Not only did the doctors botch-up the procedure but they also kicked out the mother from the hospital, a record was issued No. 679 of 2017 of misdemeanor in Al Zagazig second against all of  the following “D/ N-S, D/ Sh-Sh, D/ A-M, D/ A-S, D/ M-M”.

Therefore, Life Foundation intervened to reduce the phenomenon of negligence and medical error as well as to put an appropriate end to this phenomenon through the application of fair and dissuasive judicial rulings for the wrongdoers and the ones causing harm to the patients, as well as holding seminars on the ethics of medical practices and informing them of their rights and duties of reporting natural error immediately after it occurs to attempt to properly correct it

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