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Supportive Group Therapy


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Waleed Al Damaty, a group therapy specialist at Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, selected a group of people suffering from psychological illness or suffering a similar psychological struggle to the carry out a group therapy session, scientifically known as “Supportive Group Therapy”, as part of the “Start_Life” project implemented by Life Foundation.

The session had these following goals:

  • expression: to recall the painful experiences suppressed in the consciousness then to share them with the group.
  • Satisfaction: to express one’s feelings and thoughts in an atmosphere of general acceptance and empathy that will cause a lot of comfort for the person.
  • Acceptance: accepting others despite differences, not to disregard opinions, do not preach or give tips.
  • Imitation: Conscious imitation of acceptable behavior of another person and vice versa “Role modeling”.

It should be noted that this type of treatment does not require or necessitate that the patients should have a special degree of education and psychological culture where it is available for even the illiterates and others alike, it also does not require a certain degree of IQ. This type of treatment does not depend on a homogeneous selection for age, sex or level of education or a level Social development

It is worth mentioning that these activities are part of the “Start_Life” project, funded by Drosos Foundation, which was founded late 2003 as a private non-profit organization to support community development, located in Zurich, Switzerland. The Foundation is committed to empower marginalized people to live a decent life. Drosos seeks to achieve long-term change through the projects it supports in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Switzerland and Germany.

Drosos has been working in Egypt since 2007. The foundation strongly supports the following areas: income generation and harm reduction for vulnerable groups, social protection and reintegration, encouraging youth creative activities, as well as environmental protection.

Until the beginning of 2016, the Foundation supported 54 projects in Egypt, serving a wide range of beneficiaries including marginalized youth, women and children.

Drosos Foundation is ideologically, politically and religiously independent.

For more information:


Cairo Office: 26, Orabi Street, Apartment. 41

Maadi 11431, Cairo – Egypt

Tel: +20 (2) 23 59 78 17

Fax: +20 (2) 23 59 78 19


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