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Stencil printing to treat stress and anxiety

Art therapy is considered an effective therapeutic method to restore the emotional condition for an individual, it then changes their feelings in various forms and thus creates the behavioral change required, so if art can lead to psychological changes in the average person, it’s natural that it will affect patients and those with psychological and neurotic disorders

Hence, Rasha Al Saheely has organized an art therapy workshop through stencil printing as a method to treat the symptoms of anxiety and stress among the group who frequented the Foundation

The workshop aims to

Reduce the level of stress.

Transforming negative energy to positive energy

Developing performance skills through model learning

The workshop procedures

The cases were divided into two teams then every team had a specific design to print on pieces of fabric using oil colours and a sponge

Then each team has printed the design on the fabric with an accurate technique, after they finished the printing job, they commented on how it felt and expressed their feelings

The workshop resulted in the following:

  • Altering their mood and showing it through discussion
  • The participants showed relish for the workshop, where they wanted to repeat the experience at home along the lines of their current mood
  • Developing their sense of self and appreciation
  • Expressing underlying feelings
  • Organizing thoughts through performing the steps correctly, followed with discussion and comment










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