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Start economic empowerment services (monitoring on the ground)

Life foundation for development and community integration started “economic empowerment” element, as one of the activities of the project “Rehabilitation and integration for prisoners back into society with the concentration on female prisoner funded by Drosos Foundation, through (monitoring on the ground) project, And it’s a training way which the trainee could get a real practice to be able to use the demanded tools to acquisition of living and technical skills.

Life foundation has contracted with many of industrial ateliers/workshops and many occupational training centers to train the beneficiary participants in governorates (Alexandria, Sharqia, El-Qalubia,  El-Bahira) as target areas of project. To enable them (participants) to join to one of three courses of economic empowerment, courses are: earn a living program – micro enterprises program – employment program. The participants (beneficiaries) started the training (monitoring on the ground) by dressmaking, cars mats, decor and Handmade Workshops.

Training (monitoring on the ground) is one of the foundation plans which aim to empower the target groups economically. The economic empowerment is divided to three main courses by the character type and personality components of the participants.

It is worth mentioning that although the variety of course, All courses aim to prepare the case to join job market by work with other or have a private work not just to earn a living but to integration into society and resist mark of disgrace and discrimination.

The occupation training aim to:

  • Provide the target person with essential occupation skills to be skilled at one or more crafts.
  • Informing the participants with the newest skills in his previous job.
  • Opening up the market and society as a collateral step of individual and collective sessions of psychological training.
  • Provide a space to apply the advice and psychological guidance through applying it on the work environment.

The training is in:

  • Governmental Training centers.
  • Training centers of partner National organizations or in the association in the case’s area of residence.
  • It’s better that the training is in the actual workshops which want to cooperate with the organization through a signatory contract or protocol between both of sides.

Priority to deal with those private workshops because the training is not limit as a technical knowledge in occupation field but also it builds skills practically in other fields as dealing with different kinds of clients, knowing markets places to buy materials and products and the best price statement of products and services.

Not just that but the training (monitoring on the ground) depends on the idea of integration the case to back into society and work to get a result to use it for psychological growth and to reduce social disgrace of the cases.

  • Enumeration of available training places of governmental and national organizations in the two target governorates.
  • Make and update a list with names of ateliers/workshops which accepted to cooperate with the foundation to train the participants.
  • Choosing the course depending on a request of the case and his/her ability, the foundation shouldn’t design a training program for several numbers in just one occupation field (excepting if the employer wants to employ many of cases ending the training).
  • The foundation provides the workshop with fees to contribute to bear the costs of damaged materials which using during practical training. The workshop gets half of sum during signing of the contract and the other half after testing the person/case by another workshop to test his acquired skills.

The second stage: Employment

 Through this stage the case and the teamwork seek to find a job opportunity suits the skills which he/she acquired during the training period.

  • Make a data base and update it constantly with available job opportunity of various work fields whether it in the area of this project or in the case’s area of residence.
  • Hold a promoting awareness meeting on morals of works and show the employers experience during participation in living skills program for a day.
  • The teamwork encourages the case to seek to find an available job in his/her field (technical field or geographic area) in addition to keep him in touch with foundation data base to give him an available job.
  • Depending on experience of similar projects, 60% or more of the training places provide the trainee with a job as a worker for salary. Therefore, the teamwork project supervises on the improvement of relation between the trainee/ the case and the employer (Training place) to ensure finding a job for him (case) after Training period.
  • A part of group session is devoted to discuss between participates about the possible job opportunity.
  • The economic activities of the foundation are an opportunity to ensure a special job for women to encourage women to going out to work and apply the acquired skills and to ensuring places for coming cases to get training or jobs.

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