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Life Foundation 20170118_111448-660x330 Start… so you can finish

Start… so you can finish

Start by studying the case, so you can finish with a diagnosis and a life plan prepared

Life Foundation constantly aims to admit new cases within it’s program Start_Life, which depends on rehabilitation, psychological support and social integration that’s then used to begin the case study of the client, which aims to collect comprehensive knowledge containing personal details concerning the case in terms of dynamic, linkage, relational and historical perspective, which is the field that allows the examiner as much information possible so they can directly converse, since it includes the nature of the problem and it’s circumstances, the client’s feelings, trends as well as the painful experiences they’ve been through, in addition to, collecting information about their family, friends and guardian

The unit’s specialists meet to discuss the cases of the clients and come up with a primary diagnosis then distribute the cases onto their appropriate therapist to follow up with them as well as to prepare a treatment plan for the case, containing the amount of individual sessions, art therapy workshops and group therapy sessions needed to eventually achieve someone who is qualified to work and bear the responsibility of managing a project through the foundation

Life Foundation IMG_20170118_112634-300x225 Start… so you can finish

Life Foundation 20170117_114157-300x169 Start… so you can finish

Life Foundation _١٢٥١٠٦-300x180 Start… so you can finish

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