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Start awareness sessions for living with HIV

I felt like flying when I first learned that I was pregnant with my first born that I had been waiting years to have, then I went to do the necessary tests to ensure the health of the fetus I had long waited for, yet the tests came back with a painful result that combined the joy with pain, the everything with the nothingness. I was infected with HIV!!!

The trauma had passed and there was nothing I could do, so I started to think, even though I felt it was pointless, what would the people around me think? How will they look at me? What am I going to do?

Will this prevent me from procreation? Will I have to abort the child I have long waited for? Does this mean I won’t be able to experience motherhood? What if I have decided to keep the child, will it be born with this “curse”?

Cries and painful expressions coming from a woman in her late twenties after knowing she was a carrier of the virus in its second stage, so she resorted to many doctors to follow up on her condition and to reassure her that she could keep the fetus yet she didn’t find a satisfactory answer that would comfort her and allow her to keep her child. She feared that she would lose her baby, especially since she had the same distorted knowledge regarding this disease as many others in the community…

Therefore, Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration contacted Dr. Marian Milad, the UNODC lecturer, who confirmed that (HIV) is not transmitted through normal daily practices in an attempt to reassure the infected, but it is transmitted through the following:

  • Through direct contact between the infected person and the healthy person through mucous membranes or physical fluids.
  • A blood transfusion between the infected person and the healthy person.
  • Sexual intercourse between the one infected with the virus and the healthy person “semen / vaginal fluid”.
  • Can be transmitted from the pregnant mother to the child during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.
  • Contaminated needles with this virus.
  • Reusing personal items of an infected person
  • Transmission through tattoos, tingling and other forms of skin puncture.

In conclusion, it can be said that (HIV), like any chronic illness, can coexist for a long period of time when taking precautions to protect the surrounding people from infection, taking medicines, following safety and personal care rules. Due to the large number of false information that causes frenzy to the general public, the country has t carry out intensive advertising campaigns to educate citizens about this disease and the ways of its proper transmission, which makes them deal naturally with those infected with it.

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