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Life Foundation 15032622_1022658154511758_1016374376_n-576x330 Sahar gets a suitable house

Sahar gets a suitable house

Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration has received a complaint from the case (S.M) who started by telling them her problem. Where she is a divorcee whose got no financial supporter and receives no support from her family as well as no source of income except for pension received from the Social Solidarity that totals of (323 EGP) and she lives in a rented residence that costs (125 EGP)

Therefore she sought the foundation for psychological support because she previously attempted suicide from the amount of pressure that she got from her ex-husband, she also needs new furniture since she had to give it up to her ex-husband and now she lives with her daughters with no furnishings

The foundation has provided the following:

Furnishings and devices for her home

Provide a stable source of income to support her and her children

Life Foundation 15034044_1140108002739659_1179641533_o-1-168x300 Sahar gets a suitable house
Life Foundation 15046193_1022657291178511_1813304633_n-180x300 Sahar gets a suitable house

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