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Receipt of the Secretariat between the legislation and the practice


Criminal Penal Code or Penal Penal Code devotes a special provision to the offence of breach of the Secretariat and has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of up to three years, provided exclusively in article 341 of the Penal Code, including the secretariat’s contract or the custom of being designated as the receipt of a secretariat.

The seriousness of this contract, given the criminal protection afforded to him by the legislator, stipulated conditions that must be met in this decade realistically–to consider those who do not fulfil the subject matter of this contract to be a traitor to the Secretariat and wasteful.

The first of these conditions is to place this contract as a sum of money, the second is that the money has already been delivered by the creditor to the recipient’s hand, and the third is that the debtor receiving the amount shall waste this amount of money and not deliver it upon request as agreed and in all this is the best legislator to make a provision criminalizing Breach of the Secretariat to ensure the stability of transactions in the community and as a legal guarantee for those who hand over money to another third party, which is the receipt of the Secretariat with the three Parties or to request the amount and take it upon request or as agreed to communicate the secretariat between only two parties, here we agree with this legislation.

In practice, however, the opposite is often the case, as at least 90 per cent of the Secretariat receipts are factually incorrect for incomplete its elements provided for by the law, as it is recognized in commercial transactions that traders are willing to collect their customers ‘ debt premiums Deals in contravention of reality and law, the release of secretariat receipts to pressure customers to pay speed because of the lack of criminal protection provided by the secretariat for commercial papers/”Bill of exchange or promissory note”.
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