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Life Foundation DSC_0475-660x330 Psychodrama and Psychotherapy
افراد تجلس مع معالج " السيكودراما"

Psychodrama and Psychotherapy

Psychodrama is a group of individuals who gather under the direction of a therapist or director, and perform events of emotional significance, with the aim of disintegrating conflicts and to release themselves from the repression that hampers their ability to be creative and do spontaneous activity, it especially affects their personal relationships. Psychodrama is also one of the most important tools of aid that helps the person to release his feelings and emotions through representative roles that are related to the situations that he or she experiences or is likely to experience in the future. And since the foundation cares about psychological support it provides a psychological support program set by the Rehabilitation and Integration Unit and according to the project “Towards the rehabilitation and social integration of prisoners in society, with the focus on women prisoners” funded by Drosos and implemented by the Life Foundation in the period from 2016 to 2019. Waleed Al Damaty, a specialist in group therapy treatment in the foundation, has conducted a treatment workshop using psychodrama for a number of cases in the foundation undergoing psychological treatment in order to complete their rehabilitation and integration program. The therapeutic workshop resulted in several results, the most important of which are

To allow the participants of the workshop to reconcile with themselves and accept themselves and others

Try to find solutions to their problems

Realize reality and help them understand each other’s feelings

Try to remove themselves from the psychological isolation surrounding them

It’s worth mentioning that these activities are founded by Drosos Foundation Which  was established in late 2003 as a private not for profit organization dedicated to supporting community development, based in Zurich, Switzerland. The foundation is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity. Drosos seeks long-term impact through its supported projects in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Switzerland and Germany.

In Egypt, Drosos is operational and active since 2007. The foundation actively supports the following thematic areas: income generation, harm reduction for at risk groups, social protection and reintegration, promoting creative activities for young people, as well as environmental protection.

To date, the foundation has supported 54 projects in Egypt, serving a wide range of beneficiaries including marginalized youth, women and children.

Drosos Foundation is ideologically, politically and religiously independent.

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Cairo Office: 26, Orabi Street, Apt. 41
Maadi, 11431 Cairo-Egypt

Phone +20 (2) 23 59 78 17
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