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Life Foundation 21-1-660x330-1 Programs of life Foundation help prisoners to start a new life out of prison .

Programs of life Foundation help prisoners to start a new life out of prison .

Programs of life Foundation help prisoners to start a new life out of prison ، Are you ex-prisoner? be strong and share your story with us and we’ll help you to start again.

If we want to reduce the number of prisoners, the ex-prisoners need more empathy and understanding, that’s what life Foundation for development and community integration -the leading foundation in the field of rehabilitation and integration in Egypt- believe in.

For some prisoners especially whom served many years or decades of their lives in prison, release and back to their families are untold happiness.

But societal conditions and stigma are chasing prisoners in all countries especially in Arab countries and may prevent prisoners back to their lives.

They feel lost with no supporter or no breadwinner especially women because of family relationships breakdown; ex-prisoner get trauma and inability to adapt with Society again.

Mostly, they want to have another opportunity to live but they don’t know how to get it. so they need guidance and psychological rehabilitation and need lawyers to conduct their legal proceedings and help them to own houses which some prisoners lose their houses during they were serving their sentence and their resources become limited after release and others have only their clothes.

Self-reliance is a challenge for them which they don’t have the capacity to face it especially when all doors shut in their faces which were open before.

Back to prison become their desire to restore their psychological stability because many of prisoners fail to restore their lives before committing to prison, so they end up being in prison again.

Many of Life Foundation Clients before they join Life Foundation programs they said “ if only I back to prison”.

But Life Foundation team has always been able to change this opinion and play the role of alternative family and provide the necessary support to whom want the foundation assistance.

The early hours of life in prison make a really difference for them which they should adapt with their new society, so after a while prison become their shelter, home and lifeblood and the outside world become as a wide sea which they can’t swim.

So Life Foundation is seeking to be the shelter, home and lifeblood for all releases; and it’s doing its best to find the available methods to help the prisoners to rebuild their lives with the help of national rehabilitation and reintegration system.

That’s why we are working hardly like a beehive and seeking access to every prisoner has served his/her sentence and need our help to restore his/her life.

Life Foundation know well the needs of prisoners and ex-prisoners, feel them and help them

Immediate needs of ex-prisoners:

  • Safe housing
  • Adequate food
  • Clothes and personal care tools
  • Accessibility of transportation
  • Psychological support
  • Emotional support
  • Right identification of needs
  • Access to understanding of surrounding
  • Medical care and dental service
  • Alcohol and drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation
  • Medical examination
  • Family support and guidance
  • Legal support and awareness

Needs of prisoners provided by Life Foundation:

  • Rehabilitation and integration
  • Psychological support
  • Social support
  • Training on life skills and acquire it
  • Employment
  • Income generating projects to cover expenses
  • Monitoring on the ground
  • Vocational training
  • Vocational service (lawyer, accountant, doctor etc.)
  • Guidance and emotional support
  • Counselling service for family and marriage problems
  • Integration and help to make relationships with others
  • Trips and awareness workshops
  • Referral system for addicts and people with HIV/AIDS.

Under a plan of LFDCI to achieve development and community integration for prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families; we are seeking access to prisoners and ex-prisoners who needs our support in target governorates (Elsharqia – ElBahira – ElQalubia – Alexandria)

Your visit to our branches make us happy

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Life Foundation DSC_0159-300x200 Programs of life Foundation help prisoners to start a new life out of prison .

Life foundation for development and community integration (LFDCI)

Are you an ex-prisoners and need our support?

Any of your family in prison and need legal support to get release?

Did you get help by an organisation or person or program or something else?

Do you want support our programs and be a volunteer and help us?

Life Foundation is seeking to get your support and listen to your stories to help you to start your life after release and help you as you need.

Send your story and your problem at:

Waiting for you to join us


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