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Life Foundation DSC_0039-600x330 Life skills workshop (dream catcher)

Life skills workshop (dream catcher)

Dream catcher is a ancient belief of Indians and Americans which they believe that bad dreams are an evil spirit which appear as nightmares; so they created it to heal and destroy the nightmares.

Dream catcher is a hoop covered in a web of fibres as spider web with feathers and beads attached hanging from the down of bottom of the hoop. Americans and Indians have used it for luck and to destroy the bad dreams and attract the good dreams. in ancient times, it was hung just in occasions and Marriage parties and mostly it was hung in bedrooms to sleep better and good nights. But recently it has spread among youth in Egypt in many shapes and sizes as rings, chains and earrings; its prices are variable depending on sizes and region where it sold on.

Therefore, The specialist of rehabilitation and  integration unit Ms. Hala Fouad has conducted a workshop in Life foundation on “How to make a dreamcatcher” for some cases within the project (start a life) which funded by Drosos.

The purpose of workshop was:

To Train the cases to make a dreamcatcher, How to market it, to know its types and sizes and market place.

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