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Life Foundation 2-660x330 Life provides the prisoners "Legal Support"

Life provides the prisoners “Legal Support”

By Project (Towards rehabilitation and community integration for prisoners back into society with the concentration on female prisoners) funded by Drosos Foundation which Life Foundation offer its legal support to Prisoners.

On 13/12/2017, Legal unit of Life foundation could have gotten an acquittal sentence of two defendants who were indicted for a theft crime before Belbies Misdemeanour court of  appeal in lawsuit No. 826 for the year 2015 Abu Hammad Misdemeanour court. The defence Lawyer has presented his pleading and asked for an acquittal sentence depending on: insufficient evidence, lack of  public prosecution investigation – lack of material and non material side of theft crime) there is no evidence to incriminate the defendants (there is no witness, no Seizures and no red-handed) and because of implausibility of  crime description and contradiction confession of the defendants. So The court judge defendants acquittal.

Accusation Falseness:

The above mentioned case has a criminal record “robberies” and because of that when a theft crime happen in his region, the police officer arrest him to cook him up the theft lawsuits.

So the society should understanding its great role in back those people to commit crimes again because of the difficulty of accepting them in society which leads to make them a centre of committing crimes and that won’t support the community safe which we want.

It is worth mentioning that this workshop was a part of the “Start_Life” project, funded by Drosos Foundation, which was founded late 2003 as a private non-profit organization to support community development, located in Zurich, Switzerland. The Foundation is committed to empower marginalized people to live a decent life. Drosos seeks to achieve long-term change through the projects it supports in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Switzerland and Germany.

Drosos has been working in Egypt since 2007. The foundation strongly supports the following areas: income generation and harm reduction for vulnerable groups, social protection and reintegration, encouraging youth creative activities, as well as environmental protection.

Until the beginning of 2016, the Foundation supported 54 projects in Egypt, serving a wide range of beneficiaries including marginalized youth, women and children.

Drosos Foundation is ideologically, politically and religiously independent.

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Cairo Office: 26, Orabi Street, Apartment. 41

Maadi 11431, Cairo – Egypt

Tel: +20 (2) 23 59 78 17

Fax: +20 (2) 23 59 78 19

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