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Life Foundation 33-3-660x330 Life provides its case with legal support

Life provides its case with legal support

Life foundation has received one of its target cases (prisoners’ family) which she asked life foundation to take liberation measures of her breadwinner. Legal and criminal justice program of Life Foundation has assumed responsibility of taking liberation measures which be applied a request to Prisons Service to release him after his spending three-quarter of time served, And his liberation measures have been finished from First police department of Zagazig.

Life Foundation examined the prisoner’s situation after his leaving the prison and found that he has a professional third-class driving licence which the public traffic department refused to renewal it because of his disability which resulted from his suffering an accident led to (lose his right hand)

Legal unit of Life Foundation has taken measures to present the case to Medical committee in Cairo and borne its expense. And supplied him with “ a right hand gloves which is specified for disability to help him to get a driving car from traffic department of Zagazig.

During examination of the case show that the case waited for a long time to take it turn to receive status report to get a driving licence to drive an equipped car of disability. And to getting an equipped car requires a medical test request.

There are many measures needs to interference of Legal unit. Legal unit lawyers still offer the case their services until he could rebuild his life again.

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