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Life Foundation _١٣٢٢١٩-660x330 With the help of Life small project (grocery store)

With the help of Life small project (grocery store)

Life Foundation for development and community integration received Ms. C. My age is 39 years old and has three sons complaining of a tight physical condition and concurrent with her husband’s entry into prison and that she suffers from hepatic fibrosis and enlarged spleen, and after showing me the psych consultant at the Rehab and integration unit, it turns out there were some symptoms. Psychological products resulting from their social conditions that need to be followed up and through the internship programme within the institution, the situation is committed to the programme and automation on my face and then he presented her problem to the Executive Director of Foundation A/Nermeen, who immediately agreed to help her and turn it into Enterprise Economic Empowerment Unit to complete project actions The social worker then went to the place of the case to make a field study, take the necessary and provide the goods for the Store .

It should be noted that the Foundation’s criminal Justice unit follows up on her husband’s family reunification case.

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