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Life Foundation cover-660x330 Life Foundation shares joy and achieves the dreams of the prisoners and their families with a leisure trip in the Pharaonic village and a spiritual visit to ElHussein

Life Foundation shares joy and achieves the dreams of the prisoners and their families with a leisure trip in the Pharaonic village and a spiritual visit to ElHussein

Within Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program, which is one of the objectives of Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, On Saturday 29 December 2018 Life Foundation organized a trip for the families of Ex-prisoners in the governorate of ElSharqia in order to rehabilitate them to not be isolated from society due to the false view of all those who were imprisoned. However, Life Foundation is working to change these beliefs that cause separation and social exclusion which increases the internal hatred and loathe among the members of society which is as a result of dealing with life in a way that expresses the essence of the real person, because the origin is in the human innocence, and from here and in front of the headquarter of Life Foundation in ElSharqia, the buses carried the prisoners’ families and their children to a historical spiritual leisure trip to the Pharaonic Village and to the historical and spiritual sites in ElHussein.

The trip started with breakfast and welcoming the families and their children then talking to them to integrate them with each other during the trip and to dealing with people around them to establish human relations and accept others whatever their views are; to persuade them to change their mind through new impression regarding this marginalized group, a victim of a society that puts barriers between individuals who need assistance to rehabilitate them to start a new life path which affects the society positively through production, safety and societal peace. This is why Life Foundation organized a successful leisure trip to the Pharaonic village and ElHussein, which put smiles on the faces of those who achieved their dreams by visiting the Pharaonic Village for the first time to learn about the history and the greatness of the ancestors who created a civilization which is widely acknowledged by the world because of their progress with science, work and achievements that emphasizes the greatness and genius of Egyptian man throughout history.

This trip was led by a group of Life Foundation staff included:

Atef Sayed Hafez – Training Advisor of Life Foundation

Hala Fouad – Social Worker in ElSharqia Branch

Aya Salah – Administrative Officer in ElSharqia Branch

Mohamed Jamal – Treasurer of Life Foundation

Mohamed Adel – Lawyer at Life Foundation

Abdulrahman Abdulaleem – Administrative Officer in ElSharqia Branch


The team of Watan’s Future TV, Politics’ voice, Al Sharqia Square, Her Majesty and many other websites have participated, but it was headed by journalist ElHanony Abdulrahman host of the Future of the homeland Program as well as journalist Naglaa Kamal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Politics’ voice newspaper and the General Secretary of the Care for Prisoners Society and their families in ElSharqia, and Emad, Editorial Director in Medan Al Sharqia newspaper and Mohammed Mahmoud Shanab, Photography Director in Future of the Homeland Program and Abdulrahman ElHanouni, host of the True and false program, which joined the families’ and children happiness and singing between adults and children side by side in the recreational trip aboard the Pharaonic Nefertiti yacht across the Pharaonic Island. Through the simulation of nature and knowing the history of the pharaohs who told their history and glamour through voice simulation on the back of the Nefertiti yacht through which they learned the history and reality of the pharaohs as well as enjoyed the sounds and the models of kings, Pharaonic families and their immortal stories, then the staff of Life Foundation joined the tour guide in the group  Mrs. Fatma AbdulHamid, who made a great effort to deliver the historical information about these ancient ancestors through detailed explanation and simulation of the work and history of the Pharaohs by wandering through the pharaonic museums and the ancient Pharaonic cemetery to teach about the life of the Pharaohs who believed in life and resurrection, as the staff of Life Foundation visited the historic museum of the late leaders, President Gamal Abdel Nasser and President Mohammed Anwar Sadat, in their museums in the Pharaonic village to learn about the history of modern Egypt and the reality of the victory of the Egyptians in October, in addition, Life Foundation visited the wing of Dr. Hassan Jabr founder of the Pharaonic village who won best tourism project in the world year 1992. The participants were free to roam in the corridors of the village and to take the wonderful commemorative photos then had a last round to get lunch at the Pharaonic village restaurants afterwards they headed to ElHussein to start the spiritual journey by visiting the tomb of our Hussein bin Ali (may Allah be pleased with them), in addition to touring the historical districts and learning the most important historic sights of this ancient neighborhood to breathe the fragrant history and restore their spirits through the spiritual tour of the tomb of our master Hussein. To end the trip after achieving its goals through the reintegration of the families of prisoners and their children who participated in this recreational trip, we noted that they did not disperse the people of Egypt and guests of Egypt who are beloved foreign, Arabs and African tourists who took photographs with these families without discrimination. Then from within the tourist bus, Executive Director of Life Foundation for Development and Community Reintegration, shook hands with participants and took souvenir photographs to keep Life Foundation a leader in putting smiles and contributing joy and happiness.

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