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Life Foundation -660x330 LIFE Foundation for Development and Community Integration Towards the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of Prisoners into Society with a focus on Female prisoners

LIFE Foundation for Development and Community Integration Towards the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of Prisoners into Society with a focus on Female prisoners


Project funded by Durosos Foundation

The project targets (released from the East Port Said , Banha and Damanhour Prisons , officials of the Welfare of Prisoners – providers of rehabilitation and reintegration – and the Civil Society)

Programs offered by the LIFE Foundation for Community Development and Integration targeting prisoners include pre and post-release phases .

 Social reintegration program which aims to improve the psychological , social and economic situation to release them , to prevent a return to crime successfully , and their reintegration into society .

It also includes the provision of legal and psychological service ,s in addition to employment and job creation programs .

The services provided in the project include

1- The right to access to justice and to improve access to legal aid

 Access to legal advice is a fundamental right of all detained, and convicted persons , and the prisoners at all stages of the criminal justice process .

We will provide the following legal services for the pre-release of prisoners and after their release .

– Provide information to the prisoners about their rights under the law .

– The representation of prisoners in the criminal justice process , including appeals and applications related to their treatment and conditions while in prison , as well as the representation of prisoners in the event of additional charges incurred during the period of imprisonment .

– Awareness for the right to compensation for periods of pre-trial detention and for additional periods of detention or prison after his sentence and complaint procedures .

– The issuance of legal documents and national ID cards , and criminal records , birth , marriage and divorce certificates  .

– Support to prove descent (in case of conflict on the descent) and registration of children in the civil registry .

– Support for male and female prisoners in obtaining the conditional release , on the basis of medical conditions .

– Advertisement to prisoners and their families .

2) Psychological and Social Program :

 During imprisonment challenges such as isolation from society , poor prison conditions and overcrowding , lack of privacy , and various forms of violence and tension , depression , and anxiety when many prisoners may evolve to a more serious mental health disorders . LIFE Foundation provides social and psychological care to address the underlying problems between the prisoners after their release , such as drug addiction , and mental health disorders , and thus support the psychosocial and social rehabilitation for their life after prison . This multidisciplinary program includes psychotherapy to deal with the stigma and the bad reputation after their release and discrimination .

This program contributes to the re-integration of community.

 3) Shelter for ex-prisoners and their children

LIFE Foundation helps women’s lives through family reunion programs to return to their families . When a family reunion is not an option , they are providing shelter for women and children in need of protection , and the provision of social services , and vocational training , psychological counseling and legal assistance .

4) Vocational training program , employment , and job creation (small projects) :

Support for former prisoners to find work and create businesses and micro-enterprises .

Vocational training and employment program .

The LIFE Foundation is empowered marginalized groups economically . This includes the provision of educational and vocational training , and support with employment and job creation , which is the most useful for the rehabilitation of prisoners .

5) Research and Training :

The LIFE Foundation is developing the penitentiary research as a basis for the formulation of a conscious policy to respond to the needs of prisoners after their release . This ensures that policies and strategies aimed at reducing the prison of former prisoners , and meet the social reintegration in an appropriate and effective manner .

This includes monitoring and software design questionnaires evaluation . And also the establishment of management information , education and training for civil society and government institutions working in the field of rehabilitation and integration system .

About Drosos :

Drosos Foundation was founded in late 2003 as a private enterprise , non-profit to support the development of society , based in Zurich , Switzerland .

The Enterprise is committed to the empowerment of marginalized populations to live a decent life .

Drosos seeks to bring a long-term change through projects supported by Egypt , Morocco , Tunisia , Lebanon , Jordan , Palestine , Switzerland and Germany .

Drosos is operating in Egypt since 2007 . The Foundation supports strongly the following areas : Income generation and reduce the damage of at-risk groups , social protection and reintegration , and to encourage creative activities for young people , as well as environmental protection .

Drosos Foundation is ideologically , politically and religiously independent .


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