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Life Foundation 22883129_10155723517507440_1003968835_n-660x330 Life Foundation established an alliance between Arab and European countries in Morocco

Life Foundation established an alliance between Arab and European countries in Morocco

Life Foundation established an alliance for the empowerment, economic and political participation of women between Arab and European countries in Morocco


The current stage in the progress of the system of development work imposes on civil, national, Arab and international foundations working in the field of enhancing the economic and political participation of the women of the Mediterranean as well as exchanging experiences. The necessity of activating the partnership frameworks in order to support the development movement in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia and other Arab countries.

Each of the following organizations have sought out to begin a nucleus of an Arab alliance aimed at enhancing the economic and political participation of the women of the Mediterranean and exchanging experiences:

  • The Women’s Association for Development and Culture in Morocco
  • Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration in Egypt
  • The Middle East Development Foundation in Egypt
  • Hiwar Foundation for Community Development in Palestine
  • The Cultural Association for After Care in Jordan
  • Rights Without Chains Association in Libya
  • Art Agent Foundation in Sweden

The alliance also seeks to develop a model of partnership between the organizations to work on a range of issues, make friends and create partnerships for cooperation, dialogue as well as exchange of views with women’s organizations nationally and internationally, in addition to achieving the seventeenth goal of the plan to accomplish sustainable development to promote means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The partnership between the parties will work on the following projects:

  • Exchanging experiences and upgrading the efficiency of the organizations which will lead to activating the role of civil society
  • Developing the local community with gained international expertise
  • To implement projects that would support marginalized groups and criminalize all forms of discrimination among citizens
  • Projects and programs aimed at rebuilding the lives of marginalized groups
  • Work on implementing the UN strategy regarding economic empowerment of women and increasing the participation of poor and most vulnerable groups
  • Increasing projects aimed at supporting the civic participation of citizens and empowering them with their civil, political and economic rights
  • Carrying out projects aimed at marginalized groups, minorities and groups at greatest risk, which is in charge of supporting and empowering their human rights
  • Achieving fair access for women and girls to education, health care, decent employment, representation in political and economic processes and decision-making that will serve as fuel for sustainable economies.

The signing organizations will participate in the implementation of projects on economic and political empowerment at the Arab and international levels.

The signatories of this alliance believe that it is time to support Arab alliances, which seek to create a cooperative framework among them to adopt a cause for action according to the UN standards and guidelines. The signatories also believe that the MDGs will make a real difference in people’s lives that will increase their progress in most of the countries of the world through partnership and accountability.

By 2030, international trends on the involvement and collaboration of key stakeholders will push forward the implementation of sustainable development goals at a faster pace, according to the latest progress report on sustainable development goals launched in July 2017 by Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General.

The alliance also welcomes the admission of new members who will be willing to work together.

It is worth mentioning that the signing took place during the conference in Casablanca, Morocco, under the title “Women of the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue”, from 24th to 26th October 2017, in the framework of the “Capacity Building in the Southern Mediterranean to Open Policy Dialogue and Monitoring the Status of Women in Society” funded by The European Union and coordinated by the European Institute for the Mediterranean in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, in partnership with the Democratic League for Women’s Rights, the Our Algeria Association, the Arab Women’s Center for Training and Research, the Palestinian Women’s Business Association (ASALA), and the Scientific Academic Network of the Euro- Gender.

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