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Life Foundation IMG_2844-660x330 "Life " continues to provide assistance to its cases

“Life ” continues to provide assistance to its cases

Within the framework of the social support programm provided by the “مLife” foundation for its own cases and the social role of the foundation towards society in general. A number of Ramadan bags were distributed by Life  Foundation for development and community integration to some of their cases that were hesitant about the foundation during the holy month of Ramadan, as well as the provision of many the Bags are for a large number of the simple and marginalized people within the province of Eastern Governorate, in cooperation with the Association of “for Egypt”, which  plays  an active role along with the “Life  ” Foundation to try to help the marginalized within the province.
For its part, the “Life ” Foundation has been communicating with a number of donors to the Foundation’s cases to provide a larger quantity of Ramadan bags containing materials food, and also to provide a great deal of clothing to the children of the institution’s cases; donated by a donor and a team from the foundation distributed those Clothes on the children.


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