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Life Foundation 20170209_113142-copy-660x330 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

Emotional parental neglect towards their children is harsher than physical offence. The neglected, rejected and unwanted child acquires negative social characteristics and becomes depressed, hateful, unsocial, abnormal, and unable to face the different challenges of life in the future.

So what about an orphan child, with living parents? Her life consists in her dad’s mom, whom looks after her, provides her medicine, keeping her comfortable and helps her study; which she has learned to read and write to help her.

Shouq, is a 14 year old child in the seventh grade. When she was 4 years old, She’s been an accident caused by an electric fire through playing curtains in the house, which led to a full body malformation and the death of her older brother. She was taken to the university hospital in AlZagazig to receive treatment for malformation hair transplant for more than 6 months. During this period, her parents visited her only 4 times at most. But her grandmother played their role, which she spent all her savings and have to taking loans from Nasser Bank and other people at high interest to continue Shouq’s treatment until she become in debt and got a sentence for a year and 1.000 EGP as a fine because of a trust receipt. But now she’s a fugitive.

For parents, The mother holds the child responsible for her brother’s death and tried many times to kill her through trying to throw her from the balcony of the fourth floor but the father saved her at the last minute and also her mother has tried to bury the child alive in her brother’s grave; and fortunately; the grave keeper refused to open the grave. In addition to that, the child was beaten and tortured that led to breaking her front teeth as well as treating her as a maid whenever she goes to see her three brothers.

The father, is a cafe owner, he is afraid of the wife so that when he takes care of his child, she threatens him to leave the house. thus, the girl loses her right to live her childhood with her parents and brothers.

The grandmother turned to Life foundation hoping to help. The rehabilitation and reintegration unit responded to her demand which it has the responsibility to provide the child with psychological treatment and the legal unit of the foundation took the procedures to start following the case of the grandmother.

The foundation has developed a treatment program included individual therapy and art therapy sessions, and recently celebrated her success of completing the first semester of this year which the foundation became like her second home, where she finds safety and acceptance by all its members. In the coming period life foundation will target her family to try to reunion them together again.


Life Foundation 20170209_113005-copy-300x169 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

Life Foundation 20170209_113142-copy-300x169 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

Life Foundation 20170209_112947-copy-300x169 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

Life Foundation 16935409_1265093146938488_647039803_o-300x169 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)

Life Foundation 16976501_1265094970271639_662953855_n-300x182 individual therapy(Cinderella of Life Foundation)


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