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Life Foundation DSC_0403-Copy-596x330 Life of Alexandria Branch starts a training  “small projects owners move forward”

Life of Alexandria Branch starts a training “small projects owners move forward”

In the framework of Project (towards rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners into society with a focus on female prisoners) and the role of LFDCI for development through economical empowerment of the cases.

In this regard, Life foundation in Alexandria has implemented the first training course “small project owners move forward” for rehabilitate its cases to their projects success.

The training held in:

Head office of Life foundation in Alexandria

During the period from 19th April to 21st April 2018

The trainers:

Shimaa Abdallah Hassan

Kholoud Muhammad Abdullah

With supervised by LFDCI:

Doaa Abdul Rahman – psychologist

Ahmed Abdulmonem – social worker

Shireen Yousry – coordinator

The first day of training included:

  • Registration of participants and division of training file.
  • Introduction between trainees and trainers.
  • Promote gender equality
  • Gender roles
  • Self assessment
  • The trainees introduced themselves, their experience and their ideas for future

The second day of training:

  • Dividing them into two groups and select the leader of each group
  • Explanation of the top 10 features to project success
  • Exercise (Making a necklace)
  • Discuss and explain the mistakes they made in the stages of making the product (necklace) and how to marketing it and how to fix the price depending top 10 features
  • How to set specific and own objectives and project objectives
  • Exercise (project plan)
  • Selection of project location, the reasons of this selection and the criteria of selection
  • (Target): acquire skill of selection of location and the environment for a successful Project
  • Case study Model (Mrs. Maha) and explain it through story
  • Project environment and the importance of network of relationships in marketing and access to resources
  • How to choice the project suitable for the social and economical environment
  • Notes on role-playing

The Third Day:

The training had concluded with:

  • Summary of the second day
  • Exercise (marketing mix)
  • Identify the elements of market, introduction on marketing and how to market successfully
  • Role playing on marketing exercise
  • Brainstorming of projects’ ideas

To read the annexe of training table click here

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