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Life Foundation DSC_0163-660x330 art therapy(How to free your mind!)

art therapy(How to free your mind!)

Stan Rhodesky, a neuroscientist who designs adult coloring books said in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation “Coloring is somewhat like meditation. It leads us to forget everything and focus on the next moment, in addition to the things that allow us to see its development in front of us, Coloring and knitting are usually comfortable activities for humans as they positively affect the rate of heart rate and brain waves “

“The moment a person sits with a paper and a stylus in his hand away from a modern mobile device or iPad and away from the noise, he feels like a small child and constantly doing so, makes tension and stress fade away tension as well as gets rid of exhaustion and stress” said Richard Mirit, an artist and author of coloring books for adults.

From this point of view, Rasha Al Saheely, an art therapy specialist at Life Foundation, took care to apply this kind of art and presented coloring books for adults to a group of people who frequent the foundation in order to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Relieve exhaustion from everyday stress.
  • Filtering the mind.
  • To step overthinking and activate “brain stillness”.

The workshop’s plan included:

To place the cases with display coloring books and a set of colors with  music and give them the freedom to color and choose the colors they want and in a way that suits their abilities.

It resulted in:

  • Some cases felt good about themselves when they saw the final result obtained after coloring.
  • Some said that the combination of coloring and color selection had distracted them from the problems they were going through
  • Improve the mood of the cases.

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