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Group Therapy (behavior modification)

Group therapy is a means of treatment that is addressed to a group of people who suffer from an issue or a similar psychological disorder or else share an interest in a particular subject area, and that type of treatment provides an atmosphere of servo and support to someone who has a problem or a particular mental disorder by engaging with a group of people who are facing the same problem

Group therapy is known to be more unique than the individual therapy since it focuses on the dynamic interaction between individuals and try to modify their behavior by interacting with each other

Hence Waleed Abdul Menaim Al Damaty, a group therapy specialist in Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, has applied a group therapy session on Monday 9/1/2017, where he targeted some cases who frequented to the Foundation which have the same psychological disorder as well as similar issues

The aim of the group therapy

A chance to vent the emotions felt by a person as a result from the exposure to the problem

To provide more than one point of view from the standpoint of treatment and solutions to the problem, as well as learn new habits to deal with problems

Continuance of the communication between the individuals with each other, even after the of group therapy sessions end

This group has been a period of transition for those cases where they were brought out of their isolation and began to reveal their private secrets as well as shared their problems and then all of them contributed to  provide each other support, reassurance, suggestions and visions

This group has helped establishing and maintaining hope, which can in itself be therapeutically effective

The cases felt great relief when they discovered they were not alone and that some of their problems are “global” problems, and that other members of the group share the same dilemmas

Successful relationships have been formed between the cases during the and after the session until they left the Foundation

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