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Life Foundation DSC_0194-660x330 Group Therapy: Levels and devices

Group Therapy: Levels and devices

The foundation of the rehabilitation and reintegration program that is held by Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration, is based on the latest rehabilitation program that includes different programs, such as group therapy.

Where, Waleed Abdul Menaim Al Damaty, a group therapy psychotherapist in the foundation, has targeted a number of frequent cases to be the foundation of this program, and through that, new cases can understand the happenings.

  • Which goes through many work levels in the group

“1” Individual, which focuses on the inner dynamics of the individual in the group, the strength of the inner psychological dynamics of the individual, their sentimental, intellectual and behavioral development, eliminating the group’s actions as a whole and that’s what happened in the first session (9/1/2017).

“2” Semi-individual, which focuses on the interactions occurring between the individuals and that’s what happened in the second session (23/1/2017), which had their passions blooming because the group extended.

“3” Whole group, and it’s entire process. In this, the remedial process is focused on the group as a whole, and that’s what was applied in the third session (13/2/2017). Where the interaction and participation is between the cases and the physician to exchange experiences and trials.

  • Remedial devices used in the three sessions are as follows:
  • Generalization: this concept refers to comprehending the fact that the individual isn’t detached ( not dissimilar ), that there are others who are like us, others who have either similar issues or closely related to our own.
  • Altruism: Which is an effect close to acceptance, but added to it is the desire to do something for others, and the center of this device is the desire to help others.
  • Plant hope: Recovery is possible, the entire group’s progress into the objective of changing and recovering, creates hope inside the individual that continues to feed his advancement even once the group is concluded.

The thing that differentiates this group, is that it’s currently sturdier and able to recognize new cases.


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