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Life Foundation DSC_0189-660x330 Economic Empowerment Initiative for Women (Creative Women)

Economic Empowerment Initiative for Women (Creative Women)

Life Foundation started its initiative to train girls in the arts of creativity and the production of handcrafts in the Egyptian industry, this creativity resulted from the environment of working women in the initiative, under the supervision of trainer Hadeer Mwafi, who has trained a large number of girls during her project (Support the Egyptian Product ) which has been exhibited in many fairs in the governorates and attained great success at the local level, in order to provide support to women without a breadwinner to achieve a suitable financial resource by working inside her home and producing a distinctive product.

The initiative also aims to:

  1. Helping women to be creative individuals capable of producing a manual products that competes with the manufacturer’s product
  2. Preserving Egypt’s cultural heritage that is rich in handicrafts as well as protecting authentic Egyptian crafts from the danger of extinction.
  3. Qualifying women for the labor market through free or easy training courses.
  4. Helping women start a business by giving them small loans or advances, and marketing their products.
  5. To provide provision of temporary or short-term rotation assistance to support women and their families in overcoming certain economic conditions until they find an appropriate financial resource.
  6. Helping girls with handicrafts access local markets and to have a clear presence and the full ability to advertise their products.
  7. Support economically and socially disadvantaged communities through specialized income-generating training, vocational training and small enterprise management.

This information is available on Life Foundation’s courses (Art and Creativity) to get more information contact the branches of the foundation in the governorates of Al Sharkia and Alexandria.

Contact Information:

Zagazig (0553414508- 0552314094)

Alexandria (035561042)

Hotline: 01279659429 – 01279659428




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