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Life Foundation 573d72b49454earticle_1084_1-660x330 group therapy (Dreams and the future)

group therapy (Dreams and the future)

Often emotions such as anxiety, fear, depression and anger are the reason behind the content in dreams such as events, personalities and places, which all mean something for the dreamer.

Therefore, Waleed Al Damaty, a group therapy specialist at Life Foundation, conducted a group therapy workshop regarding dreams, in which he targeted some patients who were suffering from psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia). The workshop focused on presenting their dreams, then drawing them under the supervision of Rasha Al Saheely, an art therapy specialist at Life Foundation, then discussing their drawings.

Waleed Al Damaty said that dreams are two types:

Dreams of sleep, which are the scenes and attitudes that we see and live through during sleep and dreams of life, which reflect the aspirations and wishes that we seek to achieve in the future.

Dreams are a type of mental activity that occurs inside the brain during sleep. The content of the dream varies from simple ideas and images, to lengthy stories that are difficult to distinguish from reality, and may involve a lot of physical activity.

He added that dreams are not a satisfactory phenomenon at all; on the contrary, they are – from the psychological point of view – an expression of the state of balanced mental health. However, by virtue of the practice of psychotherapy we note the importance of dreams in the complaint of patients with various mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

Nightmares: are one of the main complaints of anxiety patients as their sleep turns into painful suffering because it always revolves around frightening events that cause discomfort.

In patients with depression, nightmares occur frequently during sleep, and their contents are always depressing events. The patient awakes from his sleep and receives his day at his worst psychological state.

As for schizophrenic patients, the ghosts and frightening sounds that are heard in their dreams, also chase them in wakefulness.

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