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Life Foundation IMG_1283-copy-copy-660x330 Drama workshop

Drama workshop

On Tuesday, Life Foundation for Development held a workshop ( Drama ) in it’s headquarters, within it’s psychotherapy program ( Art Therapy ) which the foundation carries out in the framework of the project ( regarding the rehabilitation and reintegration into the community for prisoners with the attention on female prisoners, that if funded by the Drosos Foundation )

The workshop is built on meeting, trusting, and exchanging ideas.

The session was concluded by some drama games such as focusing, warming up and breaking barriers between the trainee and the trainer. Hagar Magdy in charge of life skills and art therapy in the foundation,  has concentrated on the idea of communication between the participants, as well as integrating groups of women which had nothing in common before, which increased interaction, the exchange of ideas, collapse in the barrier of fear in addition to breaking the normal routine for their daily life.

The session began with 3 willing participants after the others refused to join, and once it began the rest of the participants joined the group as viewers of the session, afterwards the participants who previously refused to join have actually joined the activities with the rest, once the session actually started until the number of the participants increased to be 7.

It’s worth mentioning that Life Foundation holds Drama/Art Therapy sessions weekly and it’s on an ongoing basis.

Preparation and execution by

Trainer/ Hagar Magdy


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