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Don’t do her injustice

To raise the awareness of the community of the dangers of marriage below the legal age, and human trafficking, where the first form of trafficking with women is related to (early marriage, custom marriage, marriage with a specific duration, as well as repeated marriage under the legal age “The Deal”) and circumcision operations, abortions, re-capping the hymn, kidnapping, and the exploiting of refugees in many different ways such as mendicancy and take advantage of the women. There are the “misleading forms” to cover up the trafficking, like writing a “symbolic” marriage contract or any other symbolic” business contract in Arab Countries

The factors that make trafficking with women and girls easier?

The direct cause that leads to that, is the “culture”. “Violence” counts as another reason  for the spread or acceptance of trafficking with girls, not only physical violence since the violence against women in Egypt is cultural violence. That refers to the pressures she goes under in her childhood to remain a follower, and accept a secondary position in the community, its just like telling her “You’re a female, so you’re a second rank

Why are we addressing this today

So all the girls would know what the law decrees

Law number 64 for the year 2010

Any person who deals in any manner with a natural person, including sell, offer for sell, purchase, promise, use, transfer, delivery, accommodation, reception or receive, whether in the country or across its national borders – The use or threat of force or violence, abduction, fraud or deception, abuse of power, exploitation of the vulnerability or need, or the promise to give or receive payments or benefits in exchange for the consent of a person to trade in another person who has control over him; All this – if dealing with the intention of exploitation whatsoever Including exploitation in prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, exploitation of children, child pornography, forced labor or servitude, slavery or practices similar to slavery or exclusion, begging, removal of organs or human tissues, or part Of which

        Article (5): Any person who commits the crime of trafficking in people shall be punished with a strict imprisonment and a fine of not less than fifty thousand pounds and not more than two hundred thousand pounds or a fine equal to the value of his benefit whichever is greater

          Article (6) Any person who commits the crime of human trafficking shall be punished with life imprisonment and a fine not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding five hundred thousand pounds in any of the following cases

1.If the offender has established, organized or managed an organized criminal group for the purposes of trafficking in people, took command of, was one of its members or was bound to it, or the offense was of a transnational character

  1. If the act was committed by means of threats of death, serious injury, physical or psychological torture or the perpetrator was carrying a weapon
  2. If the offender is a spouse of the victim or if from their origins or familial branch or who has the jurisdiction or guardianship, or was responsible for observing or taking care of their education or who has authority over him

Article 31 of the Child Act No. 126 of 2008 states that “Marriage contracts for people who have not reached the age of 18 years are not to be documented. The document requires that the medical examination of those wishing to marry be conducted to verify that they are free from diseases that affect the life Or the health of each of them or the health of their offspring, and shall be punished by imprisonment or fine whoever has documented marriage in violation of the provisions of this article

So all the girls can understand how can we help them

To seriously fight against the trafficking of women and girls, we stand with you, we offer our services

(Legal, psychological, economic empowerment, health care and awareness) in a voluntary and free manner. And to rehabilitate any girl subjected to violence and pressure to marry early or repeatedly, we also seek to change the culture of society to abandon the conditions that are currently available for marriage (early, customary, with a set-term and frequent marriage under the legal age “ The Deal

A message to our girls

Don’t let anyone do you injustice

Don’t get married against your wishes

Have fear for your health and life

Its your given right to continue school/university

Its your given right to live out your childhood

Its too early for you to carry responsibility

Don’t do to yourself injustic

And you, don’t do her injustice


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