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Data and working strategy of the initiative



Personal date






Initiative  data:

NameStart initiative for rehabilitation and training

( start for justice and human rights)

AddressSharkia, Abu Hamad, Shaheed Amin Shaheen st., Gamal Harb building.

Alxandrea- sidibisher Street .

CityZagazeg – Alxandrea
 Postal code12060
Tel002  01271319029
Fax055  2314094
FounderNermeen Mohamed Ahmed  El Bahtity


Main concept:

The problem of the released female prisoners is present annually. There is no ideology to rehabilitate them socially and to adhere life essentials so it becomes necessary to find ideology to prevent their recidivism to crime. 

Aims of the initiative:

  • To rehabilitate released women ( for first conviction) and 25% of disable men and who are registered dangerous illegally) and to consolidate them in society effectively.
  • To rehabilitate them psychologically and legally and to help them to have small projects to earn their living and to trust in society.
  • To get ride of the social shame around them and to acknowledge society in order to prevent their recession to crime.

The individuality of the initiative is based on:

  • It solves social problem through private way that never be used before.
  • It concerns with various sides to guarantee effective social consolidation.
  • To rehabilitate the released women and dangerous registered men as there is clear deficiency in social insurance and after care in interior ministry in Egypt. It advises employers to give a work opportunity for previous prisoner and it gives the prisoner small amounts of money to support his life .
  • It becomes necessary to have complete ideology for rehabilitate released through the study of social status, field visit and individual or family therapy meetings for accepting the released in his society. There should be issue of all legal documents and I.D. of the previous prisoner and to terminate all his cases, paying bill or other requirements. Then he moves to work training and small projects where a report is issued about his psychological and social status and his success in start multi axis program to treat social shame and to prevent recession to crime. We see if he has the ability to bear liability of small project, to work in a profession or not.

We follow the released for one year to end all his problems and to terminate social shame. The released feeling of belonging to us and our care of him have helped him greatly to feel safe and rebuilt his life.

We have faced the problem of women without provider or home, so we have provided shelter for those women during the last year. ( attached statics).

We try to license those shelters in our branches in governates.

It becomes necessary sometimes to shelter those released women in our houses.

Start program is a result of two years or hard work with the team which has helped to achieve our aims.

Individuality in start initiative is based on giving those people the ability to have new life and to prevent their recession to crime . we have supported them to rebuilt their characters, families and recon ciliate them in society which refused to give them another chance in life.   We are concerned with released women from sharkia, bour said, Ismailia and Cairo though we have no Brach in Cairo. The feelings of belongings and safety have share in their return to life back. The base of our idea is to find practical solutions applicable and led to good results. Our idea is based on personal experience and the founder has turned her private experience into specialized program to rehabilitate released  to find support and strong ideology to rehabilitate him.

There is no specialized program of released people or to provide wok opportunities after release or to rehabilitate released psychologically or to remove social shame resulted of imprisonment. This will lead to recession to crime again. So that our aim is to support social safety and to help female prisoners who are released for first conviction  in order consolidate in society and to turm them into active individuals able to work and produce .

We have provided legal unit to give legal support and advice freely for them and we have put psychological program to prevent recession and to treat social shame. It has nine phases. Then we have established social support unit and work training and small projects unit. Then we have established shelter for released women who have no shelter. The idea has become true at the beginning of the initiative in 2013 so that we are able now to rehabilitate and consolidate 250 women and 50 men who are unable to work either disable or criminal registered.

The policies that we want to change


NoThe policySuggestion to change
1The released personsTo speed up release procedures in one day without delay or need of legal aid
2decentralization  in governate prisons which decrease amnesty programsTo have electronic system to determine amnesty time periodically without transfer of files to Cairo to expose them on amnesty committee and to delay procedures.
3Endorse and activate sanity amnesty lawTo find ideology based on certain conditions for sanity amnesty includes sick, old prisoners and those who have remediless diseases without passing throw long procedures.
4Prevent debtors’ imprisonment and all who have contractual debt.The legal unit is currently preparing a bill for that purpose to expose it on the parliament in its new session.
5Activate rehabilitate ideology of the releasedTo activate it inside prisons especially governates poor prisons. To support social insurance and to prevent recession to crime.
6Decrease the registered dangerous criminals who have imprisoned illegally.To require interior ministry to calculate annually the registered dangerous criminals and to delete those who have not committed crime for 3 years. Unrevision of those records increases their numbers on contrary to what law provides. Repentance, sick and disable ones cannot find any new chance in life.
7To eliminate first conviction from the criminal record.To give released of first conviction a new criminal record without any criminal judgments as support of amnesty principle consolidation and to prevent shame of women convicted in descent crimes. If there is no hope before the, they will return to crime.
8To allow the released to get loans from government and social fund.There should be loan level for them by government and small projects. There should be facilities to give them loans without the need of guarantor or criminal record. The state has to support them in order to rebuild their lives and to forgive them in order to prevent crime.
9To find psychological rehabilitation inside prisonsTo appoint psychological specialists to rehabilitate prisoners inside prison and after release as there are only social specialists only but psychological therapy is performed inside mental hospitals.




The changes will be achieved through:

First : new way of legislation:

There should be evaluation and analysis of the previous legislation  and their defects in order to treat them through field studies and the use of definite trusty ideologies of estimation that are fair, transparent and obligate with law.

(Right will not be lost for mistake in procedures and the basic is to perom justice rather than law).

Legislative system has to change and to allow released women or men to reconsolidate socially. The last revolutions and incidents passed in Egypt have increased the number of debtors and prisoners that means a probable catastrophe if we do not help them and eliminate shame upon them.

Penalty means in itself regret and therefore, shame has to be removed as we try to do through common treatment session . we try to remove all inferior opinion inside the released person in order to achieve success in his/ her life.

There are continuous enlighten campaigns for society in order to achieve our goal of complete rehabilitation of those people.

Our plan in the next years:

Treatment will be through 3 axes as follow:

  • Productive category of crime.
  • Prisons and the rehabilitation ideology.
  • The released and how to consolidate them in society again.

There should be strategic plan through the previous targets. The targets are percentage on the previous axis in the first five years.

According to available statics the percentage will be decreased into 50% on all axes.

  • Absorb of all released in society will help to decrease crime percentage.
  • Enlightment movement on all productive environments of crime.
  • Elevation of prisons and life circumstances in detention places and rehabilitation treatment will help to conciliate them again in society and decrease of crime.
  • Prisoned women for the first conviction can get clean criminal record and begin new life .
  • Our psychological treatment programs have shared in achieving thos targets.
  • Ministry of interior and ministry of justice can realize the necessity to support social safety by accepting the released and giving him a new chance of life after penalty execution.
  • Debtors will not be detained according to the international political covenant as it provides no detention for contractual debt.
  • Establishment of common projects to train and rehabilitate released prisoners, to use their abilities, to rebuild their lives, to enlighten them socially and politically and to consolidate them in society effectively.
  • To change legislation and codes in order to achieve justice, safety and speed trials.
  • To establish many branches of our initiative in Egypt after transferring it into services institution for spread of rehabilitation principle by all prisons.


The problems that we try to solve through our efforts to rehabilitate prisoners and to have a clear vision of what will happen tomorrow to the released:

The released feels unsafe when he cannot find work opportunity.  The increased violation against them, no education, no legal defense unit, no shelter, no services, all those elements can increase the probability to return to crime. Social shame disturbed family relations, psychological diseases as a result of detention, depression and character disturbance , no rehabilitation ideology , all those elements can led to the same result.

The increased number of debtors in Egypt and the successive revolutions the led to increase in crime, poverty, fail of small projects have led to increase in prisoners. There are great defects in the social rehabilitation and after care ideology presented by ministry of interior and there is no realization of the released needs and the legal, social and psychological problems after release (statics and studies are attaches).

Many societies and institutions have concerned with this category of people. They perform psychological treatment sessions and to follow up certain cases legally. They observe record and search on the problem without realizing the other needs of the released people.

We have succeed in applying start initiative program for preventing shame, recession to crime and with some psychological physicians. We have transfer program to physicians to treat mental disease patients. We establish many small projects and providing training (attached a list of projects and trainings).

We try to end procedures fast and to follow up female prisoners before release. We provide also a safe shelter for those who have to live alone and enforce society to accept them again.

We suggest new bill in order to solve their problems. We raise strategic cases to enforce society to accept rehabilitation ideology and to fulfill their needs. We end our mission when the released woman becomes able to live and to work without the need of any help, we hold common treatment sessions after the individual sessions in order to make sure of that.

Start initiative has succeed to make balance between their needs before and after their release in order to be able to build a new life. We prepare reports about their abilities to reconsolidate in society and to prevent their recession to crime again. We follow them up till they reconsolidate in society totally.

The problem and its spread

Rehabilitation of the released is a social necessity to prevent recession to crime and to achieve social security. Therefore, we have search unit which has come to the following statics:

The size and scope of the problem:

The last year researches indicate the scope and size of the problem. 40% of the samples are female debtors who are victims to poverty and have suffered after their release.

First study:

Social shame and its relation with recession to crime:

Field study about shame among released prisoners:

Aims of the study:

  1. The study explores the relation between shame and social consequences.
  2. Declare the social reaction towards the shameful and his/ her family.
  3. The social consequences and their relation with recession to crime.

Hypothesis of the study:

  • There is positive relation between social shame and recession to crime in sample of the released.
  • There is positive relation between social shame and their inability to work so they are unable to consolidate in society after release.

The study:

The researcher uses the descriptive relative methodology to study the relation between social shame and recession to crime. H uses it to study the relation between social shame and return to work and consolidate in society again.


The study is performed on 100 released prisoner from various economic levels, ages, locations, education levels and various types of crime.

Tools of the study:

  1. Declaration of social shame done by the researcher.
  2. Sample model.
  • Statistic methods:

Statistic methods are used to answer on hypothesis, the researcher has used the quantity and qualitative analysis of data through mentioning some utterance of released persons.

Results of the study:

It becomes clear that the released is exposed to social blockade harder than prison fence. It forces him to isolation herder than isolation inside prison. So the researcher has to rehabilitate released person in order to be able to face those difficulties and to make society to help him in that. It is illogical an inhuman to punish wrong doer and turn him into criminal.

It becomes clear that the police authority shares in that social shame feeling and put the released in strange situations that force them to feel isolated, so they try to find a new alternative social life.

Family and neighbors also share in that isolation as they all refuse the released in daily interaction so they force them to feel socially and psychologically unbalanced. The study has declared employers  refuse of the released when they know their previous career or they allow them to work under hard pressure.


The second study:

How to treat dangerous criminals:

Criminal register is important file in human rights in order to prevent recession to crime and imprisonment again. It helps the released to achieve stability and safety life. The registered criminals are now 125 thousands in the last report of public security sector for the rise of crime average in Egypt. Crime has raised 207% more than the usual average of it. Therefore, modern criminal policy concern with decrease of criminal dangerousness and to return human view of the released who has lost his ability to interact with society and he should be assisted to restore his activity with society again.

Third study:

It is a report about female released problems from prisons. It ensures that there are many released who has no provider or family after release.

Bour said prison has 120-130 female prisoners monthly. It is preventive small detention prison   and average imprisonment there is from 1-6 years. Kanater prison contains big number of women about 3000 female prisoner from all governates. The average imprisonment there is from 5-20 years.

The prison authority argues that the statics are not definite. We have traced this table from January, 2014 till January 2015. The number of female prisoners without provider becomes clear from unvisited cases of them and the number of those who resort to us after release.

The visits data are collected from 250 case resorts to start initiative from January, 2014 till January 2015. The aim of that is to estimate numbers and to declare the necessity to have shelter and rehabilitate those women.

Bour said prison (serves sharkia, Ismailia and bour said governates) for female prisoners only

CellNumber of cellsPrisoners in cellTotalPrisoners without visitsCases resort to start intiative
Public fund1202055
moral decent11717118
Mothers and infants19 mothers

5 infants

4 pregnant

Total696 3520

There are 10 cases accepted as they have no provider, 3 drugs transferred to treatment center, 5 interactive with their families after family treatment sessions in concerned center. Two flats are rented for 2 prisoners after getting their pension and their official rewards.

Kanater public prison (women only)

CellNumber of cellsPrisoners in cellTotalPrisoners

without visits

Cases resort to start initiative
Public fund22004008522


moral decent118018012055
Mothers and infants20 mothers

15 infants

5 pregnant

Preventive cell150050014527
Total  2900396113


113 cases have been refused as they have no shelter or work in Cairo or in other governates. Ismailia, Bortsaid and sharkia samples are supported through the legal unit only and presenting family marital treatment sessions to restore them back into society.

The reasons of social refuse of the released prisoner

The released women suffer from social shame and refuse from their families and society for the following reasons:

  • Women convicted in moral decent cases (it is noticed that the convicted women of moral decent, drugs and public fund who have no shelter raised later). Family feels that this woman has brought shame to them and so they refuse her presence among them and refuse her totally. There is increase in the number of unfairly convicted women in moral decent cases because law do not convict the assault man or unfaithful husband or to transfer the case to forensic medicine to declare truthfulness of the conviction.

One of the most difficult problems in society is to divorce for unfaithfulness in Christianity and pregnancy without marriage relation. Woman is the only one who pays for that crime. The woman is imprisoned while her partner in crime is acquitted and the baby is not registered in birth records and stay without registration. The woman and her baby are refused inside family (we have many who suffer from this situation).

Those women come to start initiative for regret. Many of them are innocent and have not committed such crime therefore they want to get rid of unjustness, stop penalty and social shame. They have no shelter for them where they can rebuild their lives again. Many property owners refuse to rent them a shelter and accuse them with the same conviction. So that life will be hard and difficult on them and therefore, they have no shelter except returning to street or recession to crime.


Assaulted women (harsh treatment of husband- sex assault- betray- exclusion outside home)

Those problems force women to come to us but we could not accept all of them. We hold family treatment sessions and use police to return those women to their husbands and to stop their bad treatment and harassment again.

We have 7 rape cases also.

Family becomes afraid of drug charged women and refuses them so that there are concerned centers to treat them. Also they refuse women charged in uncovered check and failed projects. They are not welcomed inside their families  as  a result of shame and pressure they brought so that they come to us and sometimes they prefer to go back to prison rather than streets.

This social refuse is against social principle to give a another chance for repentance and the concept of penalty as a remedy for the crime commitment, there should not be trial for whole life or the released will return back to crime because of that harsh social treatment.

The main problems which we deal with:

  1. Release procedures.
  2. Central prison authority.
  3. Debtors’ imprisonment (poverty victims).
  4. To have another chance for those have only first conviction.
  5. To delete names of illegal criminal registered and to give them the chance for new life.
  6. To have clean criminal record without convictions for those who have only first conviction.
  7. To give them the chance to loans through governmental support.
  8. To rehabilitate them by founding legal, psychological and training solutions for their problems. To establish small projects and totally enlighten the released through our programs inside and outside prison.
  9. To establish shelters for the released female who has no provider till they become able to consolidate socially. To encourage local societies and organizations to treat them.

The general strategy for social consolidation of the released and how to transfer them into active and productive individual without any desire to go back to crime.

History of the organization:

Since my imprisonment in 2010 the experiment has been applied on volunteers in January 2013. We have started to improve rehabilitation program and we have received application of volunteers to work in it in June 2013. We have tried to develop this system through eliminating social shame and improve of psychological program to provide legal assistance and training.

Preparation steps:

The Initiative idea starts when the founder has exposed to imprisonment for 2 years for defects in legal system in divorce. The lawyer mistake has caused her to spend two years trying to appeal and prove her innocence.

This period inside prison has given her a chance to notice women inside prison and to trace their problems. Before imprisonment, the founder has been working in rehabilitation of divorced women to accept life after divorce.

The idea design:

I have written my book (preventive detained woman) published by El Rashad Lebanon press in 2014   and by Roea press in 2015. I have traced in it the important problems and after study I have decided to rehabilitate if we want to stop recession to crime and to stop its spread.

The challenge was how to eliminate social shame from my career and to continue my life. I was thinking in other women inside prisons who do not have my will and desire to change. Then came,

The beginning and performance :

After my graduation I have started to establish the rehabilitation organization

 (Start initiative for social justice) in January 2013 as nonprofit able organization to train released and to support social safety and to provide after care for them in order to consolidate them in society as active individuals. It is based on the following 4 axes:

  • Legal defense unit.
  • Psychological rehabilitation unit.
  • Projects, training and employment with share of national society.
  • Research unit.
  • A shelter for released and harsh treated women.
  • The initiative established for changing social opinion and to give a chance for released. Many volunteers have composed a team work trained on the necessity to rehabilitate released and to trace violations commit by this category of people. A lot of women without provider have resorted to us so I have decided to establish a shelter for them and the research unit is performing researches and tracing the main problems of them and how to treat them.
  • Document has been presented lately to transfer the initiative into (life) institute for social rehabilitation and development under emblem (start-your life). it composes the official legal nature yield to social insurance and start initiative work with its long previous history and experienced team work.

The rest steps of performance:


I have trained in many legal centers which have urged me to apply to Global Fund for women in order to fund the legal and psychological units. The application approved and we have got fund during the last two years. We applied for Amnesty organization to establish 24 small and moderate projects and the application was approved also and performed in last year. Then we have met officials of Euro-Mediterranean Organization and applied for them to establish a safety shelter and research unit in current March.

Employees in the initiative rose from 7 to 15. The team work has 2 mangers for legal and psychological unit, a physician, many psychological specialists, common treatment specialist, many lawyers, project manager, executive manager, 3 researchers, 2 secretaries, an accountant and 5 volunteers.

I was active member in the training of many international organizations. I have visited many concerned organizations and societies which follow the situation of female prisoners and solve their problems. I have been trained in Muhamed the sixth in Morocco and I have attended many international conversances. I have trained the team work on management, work organization and strategic planning. This has helped us to put a strategic plan for the next 2 years. We have relations and partnerships with many international organizations (attached detailed explanation of our work inside the initiative with partners).

The quantity and quality achievements till now:


We have finished rehabilitation ideology of the released women and established the following units:

  • January 2013- June 2014: we have collected many youth who wants eagerly to work with this category and believe in rehabilitation.
  • We applied to get training in Nadeem center for violence victims, Dignity Organization and the Egyptian initiative for training on Istanbul Protocol, international conventions and trial strategy.
  • March 2014, we have put strategy for 2014/2015 about the needs, aims and work of the initiative. All team work and strategic expert Maha Awn shared in it and it is financed by Global Fund for women.
  • January 2014- December 2014: we have established small projects, training and rehabilitation unit by assistance of Amnesty International Organization in Swede in order to establish 24 projects for released women in Sharkia, Ismailia and BortSaid.
  • April 2014-april 2015: we have established a research unit for released women problems, social rehabilitation and women problem inside and outside prisons. It performs researches about crime recession average and the minimum standards of detention places and their availability inside Egyptian prisons.

July 2014-: opening of the initiative website and publishing researches documents and the initiative ideas on it.

  • June 2014: we have established safety shelter for released women who have no provider. We have rehabilitated them with other women in society and provided work opportunities for them and support by business men and special trainers in society. We have published also 150 I.D. and legal documents for them. We have finished 200 legal suits and delegated successfully with 60 creditors to reduce debts and release debtors.
  • November 2014: we have honored sharkia governor, security manager, head of the general information authority for their support to us and the establishment of debtors fund in sharkia and providing work opportunities for the released people.
  • January 2014- January 2015: We have succeeded in rehabilitating 200 released women, 50 men and following them in society.
  • June 2013 – June 2015: we have funded by Global Fund for women in rehabilitation project of 100 cases annually.
  • October 2014: we have raised qualification of the work team by training in inner management, the best use of work time and innovation. We have presented them special train in common treatment in the psychological unit and how to interact with drug addict and the 12 steps rehabilitation program.
  • November 2014: we have shared in many international conferences, International assembly of Human rights in Morocco, the territorial assembly of organizations work in improving prisons and the national teams of minimum standards for surveillance of detention places.
  • February 2015: we have notified Life Institution for development and social consolidation in its legal form, follow social consolidation and guarantee our transparent interaction with interior ministry and prison sector. We activate our legal work in the same field with continuous initiative in research, training and share with business men, manufactures to employee released.

The main challenges and how to overrule them:

Choice- rehabilitation- continuity- cooperation with executive authorities- emblem new blood- interaction with various sectors -slow work -to get rid of berocracy- interact with reality- renew data.


ChallengesProcedures against them
Little experience of team work as I tried to get strong team who believe in our idea and I can trust to present aids and ready to face obstacles even if I train it.I applied to raise qualifications of the team work to Global Fund. I could provide training in legal, int. conventions and trial strategy training for the legal unit. I could also provide training in common treatment, treatment by drawing, meditation and individual special sessions, int. conferences in rehabilitation and social shame study. They have got courses in time organization, 9innovation in work. The research team work has trained on the rehabilitation problems and to make questionnaire about the problems inside the initiative.
Refuse of interior ministry and prison sector to cooperate with us as civil public organization.We apply to notify Life Institution to complete work of start initiative in the same field and attitudes. We prepare for hold of many sessions for support and spread of our concept among decision makers.
We have little fund and we need to extend our activity to other places because a lot of released need our support.We apply for fund to Norwegian, Japan, Switzerland and Dross organization. We spread our activity in other governates through other similar societies and organizations and we support them with needed information in order to spread our mission rather than to elevate the initiative name.
It is hard to work on criminal registered file as we are not accepted inside police stations and prisons to help poor released in acquittal procedures. We are considered civil organization rather than society or institution.We insist on introducing services without raising any disputes or criticism for any institution especially governmental ones. We have reached trusty place inside police stations and prisons. Police officers and investigation officers trust in us and our work and this facilitate our mission and therefore we can present help to the concerned category of prisoners.

We have amended our psychological program to coup with all individual problems which has helped us to decrease crime rate.


Operating information about the organization:

Legal formUnprofitable
Team work or employees15
Volunteers team work35


Our  future plan:

  • We have obtained the legal institutional form that follows social security with continuity in the work of the civil organization as a concerned research unit for education and training.
  • We cooperate with interior ministry to help female prisoners with the need of legal service for ending procedures inside prisons and to eliminate social shame before their acquittal in order to reach psychological stability inside and outside prison.
  • We hold business sessions with decision makers to explain the problem, to execute rehabilitation ideology in all governates and to change legal obstacles in front of consolidate this category in society.
  • To reopen the safe shelter for women in many other places.
  • Our work includes Alexandria to serve women insid damanhour prison as most of the concerned categories are resident in Behira and Alexandria.

Other targets that we need to fulfill the average of targets have been reduced to 50% of the current rate in the following axes:

  • The productive category of crime.
  • Prisons and rehabilitation inside them.
  • The released and their consolidation inside society.

Represented in:

  • To reduce crime recession rate and to give chance for the released in new life.
  • To cooperate with other authorities to achieve social safety.
  • To change legislation to serve that aim.
  • To change establishment ideology of small and middle projects include training in order to have small production lines that can have return to help the released in living and give her self confidence. They can also help executives and police officials and us .
  • To support qualities of workers in our organization as they deserve that after hard effort done in previous years.

We have establishment of the idea on various axes and it has achieved success on the following axes:

  • The productive category of crime.
  • Prisons and rehabilitation inside them.
  • The released and their consolidation inside society.

The used tools to achieve those targets

Traditional tools

  • We work hard and continuously in order to develop our services and psychological program through spread of our concept and the feeling of belongings to it among this category of people.
  • We try to acknowledge suppliers and international partners of our concept.
  • We attend conferences to expose our idea and experiment.
  • We perform films, publications and periodicals.
  • We publish researches in international conferences, libraries and concerned magazines.
  • We present invitation to all societies, institutions in training and rehabilitation in order to benefit from our experience and work.

Modern  tools:

  • Modern social communication means and internet.
  • Untraditional means that connect efforts to produce better thought in rehabilitation.
  • Azhar and church.
  • Ministry of interior in treatment of released prisoners who spent their penalty.
  • Universities and service utilities.
  • Unify of procedures and assure of loan principle and expand in elightment inside universities and volunteer thought.
  • To encourage national and concerned broadcasts about the necessity of rehabilitation.
Future challengesProcedure to overcome them
Rise of cases that need our help and support. The number of prisoners and released convicted in of debts, theft and decent cases are great among women.We acknowledge suppliers with our concept and explained our target so that the government has helped us and speed up release procedures in social insurance and loans for this category. We try to help them to start new life without recession to crime or family destruction.
Some executive authorities are not cooperative. we find support from ministry of interior rather than executives for routine which obstacle our work and prevent us to work easilyTo encourage those authorities to support and help us. We hold meetings in order to increase our patrons. We try to change that routine and to press for new legislations which support rehabilitation of released.
Rising qualification of our team work in research and training. Rising enlighten about treatment of Aids and drug addict patient as we have a lot of those cases.We have applied for training in mental abasia hospital, United Nations for women, Aids, drugs and crime but we still need support and we need priority in these trainings.

Nermeen Elbahtyty  personal achievements:

  • A Book (Yes I am Divorced). This book has become a film from a serial called tales of Arab woman, produced by Jazera Channel in 2009. I have written its scenario and dialogue and I have acted in it with my real family… its aim was to give mission to all divorced women that they can live after divorce.
  • I have written a book about Autism disease of children ( my career with Dawn syndrome, Autism and mental palsy
  • I have written a concerned book about treatment of Autistic disease of children and earlier interference entitled ( my career with Dawn syndrome, Autistic and mental palsy, a guide for mothers ) it is a family guidebook for diet programs and interaction with those disabilities as I am otolaryngologist and I have established a specialized center for discourse follow family guide organization. I have held also training courses for mothers who have disable children based on early interference programs. I have shared in many programs and training courses as a physician for common treatment and I hold currently a training course on treatment of drug addict and enlighten of aids patients.

For more information about me and my works:

  • See videos here:

you can also search on tube by Nermeen eEl Bahtyty by :

Start initiative for community justice

You can also get last news here:


My articles with Dr. Nabil Farouk :

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