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Life Foundation DSC_0138-660x330 Creativity in Bahr Al Baqr

Creativity in Bahr Al Baqr

Has it ever occurred to you that the colors that surround the rooms and places where your child lives, play a role in his mood and behavior

The child expresses joywith they see colors and are attracted to it, for example, when it comes to his clothes, he does not care about the type of cloth or how expensive it is,but he ismore interested in the color that he likes

Researchers discussed the effects then conducted many studies, that proved the effectiveness of art therapy, painting and the effect of colors on the mind and soul. These type of treatments support the foundation because of the great impact it leaves in the soul

Under the awareness campaign on early marriage by “Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration in cooperation with Start Initiative for Training and Rehabilitation” and the implementation of its activities in the village, “Bahr Al Baqr” in the province of “Port Said” on 2/5/2017. The art therapist, “Rasha Al Saheely” has conducted workshops with the children of thevillage

The workshop was designed to

Openness and interaction with others


Expressing and translating feelings

Becoming bold when dealing with colors and feeling

It has several strategies, the most important of which are



Skills Development

It resulted in

Children felt happy and cheerful when coloring and it their happiness increased when coloring on their faces

Movement and activity in the use of colors and exchange with others

The desire to hold their draw


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