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Campaign “ Nation without a homeless ”

“Menna” she is a girl in her first decade, she left her house to stay in the street because of ill-treatment of her step-mother. She said that she run away because she thought her step mother killed his big brother; and she thought that she will kill her as his brother. She also mentioned that her step mother works as a dancer in one of the nightclubs in senblaween city in Daqahlia governorate; she poisoned her big brother that led to his death and that what caused her panic and led her to leave her house and run away.

What is the extent of social problems and family disintegration that lead a child to feel safer on the street than in his house, Did family relationships deteriorate to this extent?!

Numbers of homeless persons are increasing continuously because of large number of social problems which caused by family disintegration such as divorce or loss of one parents, prevalence of  drug abuse, crimes, poverty, unemployment and failure.

In this spirit that since a year and a half ago, a group of young volunteers in Sharqia governorate has formed a team relying on their own efforts to find homeless persons all over Egypt for accommodate them in special places and provide them a humanitarian treatment.

This idea prompted relevant state authorities and most of civil society organizations -Life foundation chief among them- to provide them with support at all levels and adopting this idea which is part of the project “Towards rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners with a focus on female prisoners” which implemented by LFDCI funded by Drosos Foundation which includes that provide a shelter for battered women.

LFDCI is supporting this team to spread with the slogan “nation without a homeless”.

Thus, Basma shelter has held a conference in Misr public library entitled “Nation without a homeless” to mobilize support and advocacy, in the presence of the public secretary of sharqia governorate, the actress Manal Salama -chief among the volunteers of Basma shelter-, representatives of national council for women, members of the house of representatives, representative of the president of zagazig university and some of martyrs’ families in sharqia governorate.

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