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Life Foundation DSC_0397-660x330 Art Therapy Workshop (Attention)

Art Therapy Workshop (Attention)

One of the first steps that we take for psychological rehabilitation is case study of the case, which aims to provide us with the comprehensive knowledge of the details of the case’s personality in terms of the dynamic and interdependent outlook, in addition to a mental state examination, which includes speech, attention, perception and intellectual processes, within the activities of the project “Towards rehabilitation and community integration for prisoners back into society with the concentration on female prisoners”funded by Drosos Foundation

It became apparent that there is lack of attention and concentration with most of the foundation’s cases, and through the effective role of painting and clay formation in helping with increasing focus and attention, a workshop was prepared for a group of cases

The workshop was designed to

Develop mental capacity

Increase concentration

Use imagination and innovation as well as enhance cognitive abilities

Resolve conflictions and gain self-acceptance

The workshop asked each of them to make up a story on white or colored paper using different colors and clay according to everyone’s abilities

Results of the workshop

Case (1) was feeling tense and the inability to do something, however, once the tools were laid out she asked to work with clay only, and her face displayed deep concentration until she finished her painting

Case (2) was enthusiastic to work, she likes drawing and colors, she then started drawing and adding clay to form a story on the paper, she began considering the value of things that she did not take into account as well as things that were of importance that she did not find a place for in the painting

Case (3) was reluctant at first, yet when she started drawing and forming the clay with enthusiasm that filled the entire painting, she used the painting to express her problems which made her aware of some solutions that were not seen before

Case (4), which felt that her limited attention and concentration of what she does and what surrounds her is the cause of all her problems, was hesitant at the beginning of the workshop, but when other were drawing it encouraged her to work like them, where she  drew random drawings and could not finish the painting

This was the beginning of a therapeutic program with these case

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