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Life Foundation DSC_0072-660x330 Art therapy (carving)

Art therapy (carving)

When we hear someone saying, “I cannot draw,” we are sure that there was an interference in his life that led to his lack of self-confidence. It is often seen aesthetically in terms of colours and shapes, but artistic growth is not measured aesthetically. Each individual expresses his own way of expression and reflects his experience, physical growth and personality. More often than not, the withdrawn silent person is more in need of artistic expression than others

Art therapy is not limited to drawing and colouring only, but it includes the various types of plastic arts such as the formation of paper, printing, ceramics, sculpture, etc. When the person cannot draw there are various other activities which they can use to vent, through which Rasha Al Saheely, an art therapist in the foundation, has set up carving workshop for some frequenting cases who are hesitant when it comes to drawing

Its objectives was:

 Activate and develop cognition

 Give them the opportunity to express and internalize their creativity and art

 Promote reflection and focus

 Seeing their work in three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional

The workshop resulted in

 The acceptance of cases to carve some different and simple shapes according to their abilities

 Their sense of competence, creativity and ability to work

 Show their approval of the workshop and their sense of happiness.

Some opinions as told by the cases

Sculpting reminded me of school days when I was playing with clay and making shapes, they were sweet days and I was happy at the time

I feel that my nerves are relaxed and I will complete the shape I invented

I do not know what to do. If it were a piece of cloth I would sew something for you but I’ll try to try it. I will do with the clay what I would’ve done with the cloth

I feel like I’m playing and forgetting all my worries

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