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Life Foundation DSC_0010-2-660x330 Art therapy (accessories)

Art therapy (accessories)

Art, painting and handicrafts are among the programs and activities that have an effective role in self-expression, development of constructive interaction and change of human behavior. I see art as a point of re-communication, as a bridge between self-destruction and the beginning of restoring a sense of the future. Because we use the mirror to see our faces .. And we use art to see our lives so we are working on the application of various activities and programs of treatment of the situations on the institution.

This workshop is a continuation of the therapeutic program which depends on the formation of the beads (accessories) by Rasha Al-Suhaili, which was established by a previous workshop.

It also contributes to:

  • Develop their creative abilities.
  • Express feelings.
  • Provide an area for alleviating stress and psychological stress.
  • Gain skills that increase their self-esteem and time and their appreciation for others.

After completing the program, I noticed:

  • They became full of life and spend fun and leisure time to overcome the pain.
  • They knew how to make beautiful art not just of ordinary raw materials, but even beat-up.
  • Discover new ways to take advantage of their spare time.
  • Their sense of competence and self-confidence increased through their discovery of buried possibilities.

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