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Art Cables Initiative

Youthful team from Art Cables Initiative joins Life Foundation

Join our team in Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration and the team from Art Cables Initiative in it’s specialist psychological treatment program (Art Cables is an initiative for youths from different backgrounds with different skills who are interested in making available spaces for self-expression) Hagar Magdy, the one in charge of Art Therapy and a specialist in psychological story-telling as well as being a member in the Art Cables team. We decided to use our time, efforts and skills to discover, strive, teach and independently as well as participatory learn to support the opportunities of creativity for ourselves and others through art and other various tools.

What does Cables do?

Cables takes an exploration trip that consists of a group of artistic workshops and bundled activities that kids can join – youths use art as a tool to express themselves – and these workshops mainly depend on using resources – as well as sources and the space available to them in the surrounding environment, and that is to make use of it in different ways to create a life that will help them re-discover their reality.


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