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Life Foundation IMG_20180318_145540-660x330 whenever we desire something we’ll buy it !!

whenever we desire something we’ll buy it !!

“Karima .A.S” has fell in debt because she wanted to buy a gas bottle costs 400 L.E and she signed 10 trust receipts for a trader in her village.

Just forty pounds for a single instalment monthly she couldn’t pay it, she neglected the debt and couldn’t differentiate between basic needs and luxuries. After two years ago, the loaner lodge the first complaint against her and she has have a sentence in absentia, At the same time she has pending further another case investigation because of her ex-husband so she has surprised of the first case and her daughter appealed the ruling and paid a bail.

The case head for Life foundation after her release and Life foundation took the necessary steps and joined her in “Start_Life” program which includes Legal assistance program and social and psychological support program.

She joined to monitoring on the ground program to know well a profession which is tailoring in one of garment workshop in Abu Hammad.

After she earned her first salary the psychologist “Waleed El-Damaty” communicated with the loaner, a person has an influence on him, some of close persons to hold conventional meeting with attendance of the case to reach an agreement to reconciliation, pay principal and waive the complain.

The conventional meeting led to:

  • The loaner got the principle of debt and attorney’s fees.
  • The case received the rest nine trust receipts.
  • The loaner has committed that he’ll continue the legal procedures of reconciliation before the court.

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